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Freedom of Truth news update 21/11/22

Letterbox drops

Hi Everyone...We have our excellent agenda 2030 brochures and are putting it out there for everyone to participate in getting them out to the masses, like last year if you can walk a few streets in your area dropping them into letterboxes it will go a long way to help awakening those who are starting to question things especially the ever blowing out costs of living... We will have plenty of brochures available at this weeks Potoroo gathering...or if you cannot make it please send me a message and we'll get some to you..

Potoroo gathering this Sunday 27th Nov

We are having an open MIC event where everyone who wants to.. is encouraged to have a say on what is going on for them in their world and perhaps where they think we should be putting our attention...we have been meaning to do this for a while but we often get caught with other specific presentations...As we know everyone who is aware of what's going on has been through some awakening process.. therefore everyone has a story to tell and a lot to offer we will be setting a time limit on each person but it should be interesting and enlightening...Normal start time of 11 am for meeting and addresses then Lunch from 1pm...

Cartoon artist Bob Moran

If you have not come across the highly provocative and on the money artwork of Bob Moran then you have been missing out...please take a few minutes to have a look at Bob's work

Awesome stuff.... and as the saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words" and when it comes to waking people up the message has to be short sharp and succinct and Bob has encapsulated that very niche ...I would suggest we all take advantage of Bob's incredible talent and use these downloads as tools to do the job in the great awakening, here are his conditions of use...

Please be respectful of the following terms: artworks can be downloaded free of charge and featured in publications anywhere in the world (newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs). Copyright is licensed for this purpose only (ie. not for prints, clothing, merchandise). All other copyright is retained by The Democracy Fund (Canada). Please do not use these downloads to create prints or merchandise without my permission.

Freedom of Truth website upgrade

Many thanks to our trusty website developer xxxxx who formulated our Freedom of Truth website initially and the excellent website which has got to be one of the most informative member Paul Caruana has recently been working at redeveloping and upgrading our website which is now up and get onboard and have a look as it offers a lot with all our release and local activities and content...basically anyone in the public is welcome to view the site and the only area where registration and approval is going to be required is the Forum area... This website will develop over time but i think you will agree already offers a lot...

Honest to Goodness

The last Honest to Goodness order for the year is now open should have received an email from Janet and the Goodness Buying Group to invite you to purchase via the order, it is open until the 1st December so get your order in and then wait until the order has closed and you'll then receive an email instructing you to pay ....once everyone has paid the order is then processed and sent out ...then when delivered and the sorting and boxing has been done by Janet and others then you will be asked to pick up from Jody's place...It is important to pick up as soon as possible as the food is sitting inside a garage vulnerable to hungry creatures..

From Stina & Garry Kerans from Sun Villages

Stina addressed our group last year about Sun villages and community living... she recently sent me this after one of our recent releases

Hi all I have attached my free booklet (also available on the website) as you may find a lot of the info relevant and interesting including another perspective to the Wizard of Oz story you published. The whole topic is all so interesting. This has been the reason why I want to assist people to unite and secure their money in land - while they still have it. I went to a conference in 2006 in Vermont (USA) and met lots of top people who were attending a secret conference below the one I was attending. I stayed with one of the senators (and his wife) after the conference and had my mind blown open, then drove down the East coast visiting others who further expanded the story I was being exposed to.

Yes, the magical land of Oz represented ounces of gold where Dorothy was given silver slippers (silver coinage) and learns she must follow the Yellow Brick Road (the gold-backed currency) toward the Emerald City (source of the greenback dollars issued by the government; not the ones issued by the private bank), to seek help from the good Wizard (the president, who should be in control of the supply of the country’s money). Along the way, she befriends the Scarecrow representing the farmers who were suffering and losing their farms, the Tin Woodman, the miners and factory workers who were losing their jobs, and the Cowardly Lion, the politician William Jennings Bryan who seeks courage (he like many others, faced the prospect of death if he stood against the banks).

All four believe the good Wizard has the answer to their problems. On the way they are delayed when they fall asleep in the poppy field (representing the corruption aided by opium trading). The Wicked Witch of the West may represent the bankers who reduce the money supply, or create ‘less liquidity’.

Liquidity is just one of many references relating money with water, others being cash flow, liquid assets, frozen assets, currencies, and river ‘banks’. The rivers are also places where gold is sometimes found, and gold is held in banks. So, by throwing a bucket of water over the Wicked Witch of the West (representing the bankers), it dissolves the bankers’ power to freeze the supply of money. Money could then flow freely again, meaning that ‘cash flow’ is the solution to the problem.

Basically, the government should be the one in power to bring into circulation enough money, without interest, to keep the country functioning. If all money, at its point of creation, attracts interest, then there is no possible way a country can ever get out of debt, a debt that shouldn’t exist in the first place.


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