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Freedom of Truth Update 19/7/22

Food Security & Production

Well we had another great gathering at Potoroo on Sunday with the sun in and out but certainly way warmer than the previous day which I think was the coldest day of the year to date..

Nice to see lots of people well aware of the importance of food security and the necessity to focus on growing and producing. Rian did a great job in summarizing the results of the survey and delivering a very inspiring talk on where we are at and what we need to do...which I will add to this release

We have quite a few people with existing gardens in areas relatively close to each other who are looking to network amongst themselves supporting and helping each other get the best out of their gardens whilst creating a bit of a social group. These group are organically (so to speak) coming together....If you are establishing a group obviously being friends is a good starting point and being within reasonable proximity will help...If you are looking to join a group and don't know who in your local area is doing what to your friends or send either Rian or myself a message and we'll try and connect you to someone nearby

We are having a series of working bee gatherings at a few different locations where people have larger plots needing a bit of work to get them planted...the first one is to be at Markus Douglas's place in Bald Hills ...This will be on the Sunday the 31st July...time is not yet determined ....(This has been postponed as Markus & his wife have unforseen things pop up for that particular weekend)

Then at Mick and Laura McGarry's place at Wolumla on the following Sunday 7th August

The following week at Robyn & Gunnars on the Sunday 14th

and Les & Elisha's place at Numbugga on the 21st August

We will give more detail as we get closer...but basically the idea is for us to have a group gatherings and working bees at the same time, give a little bit and enjoy a bit ...these bigger gardens will be more so supported by those who do not have gardens and are keen to put in to get out . they will inevitably be supported by those within a reasonable proximity ...but initially it will be great to get as many hands on the job to get them going..

We are going to establish a Freedom of Truth produce page on Telegram where people can interact and put photo's and post up that can support our cause...when we get down to the business end we will have to work out an equitable system of food distribution...but in the mean time we'll get growing

Here is a link to the One Cooperative website which is the brain child of Kieran Weston and his wife Lyndal a great concept of food production & security have a look ... Malcolm is a direct friend of Kieran's and Kieran had offered to talk to us via a zoom or even come down, but this was before their settup was wiped out during the major flooding up north...

Do not forget we have our new Freedom of Truth website get on and have a look you do need approval to get join up but if you are a part of our group it is just a formality

Here is Rian's address to the group...

Basis of address ....give a quick overview on our food pod network activity so far-

· specifically neighbourhood food pods and larger community gardens.

· demonstrate how to make an easy infused oil of calendula

· distribute chokos for guerrilla food growing

· update on A Stand in the Park

Thanks everyone for completing the survey- it certainly provided insight into what the group is thinking around food as well as insights into our current resources.

· 75% of us are keen to be part of a local food growing group in our neighbourhoods

· 54% of us are keen to be part of a community food hub

· 42% of us are willing to coordinate a food pod whilst 55% of us said maybe.

Approx. 60% are already growing food so that is a really strong position to be starting from- and 26% of us want to increase existing garden space or create new space.

Whilst one of the strengths of our movement is its organic nature, I feel that it may also be useful to create a bit of structure around how we can collectively grow food. We have two different models on the table today.

1) Our neighbourhood food pods and

2) a larger community garden space.

I am sure many of you are watching the global landscape, aware of increasing costs of food and potential shortages in coming months. Whilst no one can be absolutely sure of what the future may bring most would probably agree that it will look quite different to what we have become used to. In the worst case scenario, we may need to be completely self-sufficient, in the best case scenario aliens and light beings will shower us with all our worldly needs and we’ll transcend to the 5th dimension and not even need food.

However, the path of the Truther is not an easy one…. somehow continuing to operate in the Illusion whilst preparing for a different future-the tension can be intense at times. Even as conscious of we are of the illusion we have all been exposed to conditioning and programming that on some level has instilled expectations that we will be provided for by the State. Having grown up in the system, the future we are working towards is in many ways foreign and unknown to us, even the most community minded of us still exist and operate in the capitalist, colonial system. I think it’s important to acknowledge that this presents certain challenges, challenges we may not even anticipate and have little experience in navigating.

So again, I find myself living in the tension of in-between times. One ideal that is a clear and emerging theme of the Freedom movement is Sovereignty. And with sovereignty comes’ve all heard the inspo quotes…”if not now, then when? If not us, then who? My feeling is that Yes- it must start with us, and we should probably get started pretty quick sticks!

We are the change we want to see in the world- if we’re expecting someone else to be that change for us we are still stuck in the Statist model. I think we all know that the State isn’t here to help us, the Globalists aren’t going to help either- the Localists are the solution- and we are the Localists!

So how do we take the intention of our 75% of Localists that want to work with others towards self- reliance? How can we nurture this energy so that it can grow into a thriving, productive, system of collective support providing nutrition and sustenance both physically and emotionally.

I suspect us Localists have the answers…my suggestion for pioneering this new course is start small and start local. Not worry too much about the bigger picture and end result…just put our heads and hearts into our hands and build from there.

So setting some targets for today-

1) after the meeting today, let’s take the opportunity to break out into small groups based on our location and start the conversation with our fellow gardeners. Our goal today is to exchange numbers with at least one other gardener and set a time. Individual groups will decide what works for them- it may be that you rotate through your group gardens, doing a couple of hours work each week on set days/times.

2) community food garden- so far we have the offer of a property at Numbugga for a communal garden space- this in itself offers a different set of opportunities and challenges for the collective- please express your interest to be involved in this project- this is an exciting opportunity to work on larger scale group projects and pioneer new territory and relationships. There is also the potential of property at Cobargo and Millingandi. We would need someone to co-ordinate each site.

3) Does anyone have any suggestions/comments to share with the group?

The benefits from gardening together are numerous- physical and mental health, superior nutrition and taste, skill sharing and upskilling, building relationships, caring for our little patch of the earth, seed saving and potentially earning an income form produce, seedlings and harvest excesses. And last but not least…food security.

All the best to Rian and the crew who are heading to central Australia for the mega Tribal council this week..

Photo Early 1950's shot of Merimbula before invasion..


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