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Health Practitioners

Dianna Gleeson

Reiki teacher, yoga teacher, body and breath practitioner

Through Yoga, I am delighted to take you to wherever your heart’s desire lies; coaxing you breathe by breath as you slowly build the fire and ignite deep within, ready to glow and shine.



About Dianna The Accidental Teacher. Diana’s early career was a medical receptionist, later a dental nurse, accounting clerk, QA officer & secretary, Mother of three. Diana’s ‘Esoteric’ journey began in 2002, following the death of her father, seeking answers to her ‘why’s from the universe. Ever the perpetual student, she wanted more, so from then to 2015 She studied many modalities including yoga, where her transformation began. Diana met Ingrid at BodyMindLife Yoga Studio in Sydney. “It’s by her grace that I learnt to breathe and how the breath gave me so much more movement.” Diana then entered into Teacher Training with Beth Borowski of Karma Kids plus she attended several Master Classes with Ana Forrest… one day during lunch break, she told Ana that she didn’t really want to teach, she simply wanted to know the secrets of the universe. “Ana looked at me, the way only Ana can and said “you might accidentally find yourself teaching one day” tells Diana. She also completed 200hour teacher training with The Joy of Yoga in 2015 and quickly launched into teaching from, infants to teenagers & seniors and in the wider community for the next few years. It wasn’t that long ago, the Perpetual student, during a yoga Body Work Workshop with Jambo Truong and whilst cocooned in that sacred space of learning, her meditation practice left her sitting up and speaking out loud “I am moving to Merimbula!” Having never been here before it was an act of faith and her burning desire to explore Forrest Yoga even more. Diana is The Perpetual Student. Under the tuition of Jambo Truong, she is completing her Forrest Yoga Teacher Training, having commenced earlier this year and at the same time studying The Origin of Movement, another course with Jambo. Other Qualifications & Certifications Vibrational Kinesiology, Level 2 | Maxwell Dobson Advanced training with Doreen Virtue | Angelic Workshops Master Teacher of Reiki, Level 7B | 2012 Meditation Training, 2014 | Sindar Kaur Specialised Dementia Carer, Cert IV | 2014 Karma Kids Teacher Training, 2014 | Beth Borowski Yoga Teacher Training, 2015 | Marianne Bryant Physical Fitness Cert IV | 2019


ph: 0409 904 213

Rian Smith

BHSc- Naturopathic Practitioner

I am a Clinical Naturopath, Nutritionist and certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. The healthcare paradigm is currently undergoing a major transition, we are moving away from practitioner as authority to a model that puts the patient at the centre of their healing experience, and also recognises that they know what they need in order to heal. My role is to facilitate, recognise and nurture the inner healer that is within us all.




About Rian I love what I do; working side by side with my patients, supporting change and improving vitality is so satisfying. I also know first hand what it is like to struggle with poor health, chronic medical conditions, big stress and complex emotional issues. I believe these have taught me a lot about how to improve (mine and others) health. To find out more about my services visit


ph: ​0499 569 064


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