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"Among the turmoil there remain beacons of light"

Freedom of Truth news 29/3/23

Well.. we have just been through another election with results again “the same old same old” be it corrupted or legitimate the facts are that the system is broken and the majority of the people are well and truly indoctrinated by globalist propaganda and a manipulated media.

The mass awakening we are striving for is a slowly evolving event that often only occurs when people are personally confronted with or are victims of the mega deception one way or another…

The old saying you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink seems very apt..

All credit to those who stood in front of the booths handing out for candidates and all credit to the candidates who stood on principle seeking change and better fairer lives for everyone.

It was disappointing to see one of the Freedom (group) candidates speaking out and attacking other Freedom candidates and party’s, bad mouthing them instead of complementing them on their achievements or willingness to have a go… Not a good look quite divisive & damaging….Probably cost all the freedom groups & candidates some votes.

Andrew Thaler who stood for the seat of Monaro has said it is his last attempt, he has stood on every occasion in all levels of Government for the past 10 years battling to expose corruption and mismanagement ….Andrew has certainly held all his local members to account and it is a credit to him, many have gone by the wayside due to Andrew exposing their corruption.. I am sure Andrew will continue his fight but in different ways..

Potoroo last Sunday

Was a great success again with a decent turnout of People and addresses from a few good speakers

Neil Charnock gave another very informative address on Finances and Gold & Silver trends which from all reports again was excellent, Neil has backed this up with a lot of information he has posted on our Freedom of Truth Telegram site for those wanting more info and this was backed up by another speaker Bruce who reiterated what Neil had previously addressed the group on with the history of money and who has been in control of it for centuries.

Rian Smith who hosted the day gave a rap on her own personal journey as a naturapath, learning & progressing along the way….Rian also posed the “terrain theory” scenario… Do viruses actually exist or are the symptoms people get caused by external influences eg (EMF) and diminished immune systems being poisoned one way or another?… A lot of evidence points towards this being the case. Certainly food for thought.

Jeff Hawkins gave an address to the audience thanking them for all the support he received during the election campaign…Jeff is working with the TAP group and others trying to establish support for a system of affordable housing, we look forward to hearing more about it as it unfolds, well done to Jeff and support crew.

Connie Crawford gave a heart felt rap from the bible that she can see reflects all that is happening in our world at this very time..

Wendy Daniel spoke about the astronomical data and figures that shows the absolute ineffectiveness and harm that all vaccines have been causing to children growing up in this modern vaccine madness

Paul Caruana spoke about the coming together of a holistic health and well-being network of practitioners featuring 6 or more modalities, that may become established at his place in Merimbula, Sherri is off in Sydney purchasing an Enhanced Energy Healing System that is meant to be exceptional. Watch this space!

All in all a great Open Mic day at Potoroo with many contributors

Big Fundraiser Gig

Its all happening we have the Murrah Hall booked for Saturday night 29th April for a fundraiser gig for Gordon Sanger & Sue DeMarco who lost their home in the fires and subsequently got ripped by a builder and are left with an uninhabitable half finished house and the moneys gone..

With some wonderful generosity and the idea coming from Ree Liddel of ChangoTRee to hold a fundraiser and the willingness of Gary Jones and his band Mojo plus an African drumming group Djembe Forte to participate all at an awesome venue…it is the perfect recipe for a great night so pencil it in !

Honest to Goodness

We just had our monthly order completed with lots of fantastic organic and other quality foods & products delivered. We will in the coming week or two be doing another order so if you want to be a part of the Freedom of Truth buyers group you need to sign up here is the link SIGN UP TO GROUP GOODNESS

Candelo Markets are on this Sunday 2ndApril and we’ll be there focusing on the globalist agenda and Jody will also be there with the Forest of the Fallen, so come on out and give us some support, it is always a fun and empowering occasion..

Flor Amanowicz is returning in May to give us another presentation about Bio magnets for health and healing and the wonders of CDS & MMS for water purification


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