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Cafe Locked Out comes to town..

Freedom of Truth news update 16/1/23

Café Locked Out

We are pleased to confirm the Café Locked Out crew are on their way to the Bega Valley, where we are holding a BBQ lunch at the Pambula Beach Surfclub picnic area starting at 1pm this Friday the 20th Jan…

They are keen to catch up and meet us all as a group, but they would like to also do interviews with any people who have a Covid related story to tell.

They are only here for the day so don’t miss this opportunity to come and support their and everyone’s cause..

Courage is the cure…if you have or know anyone who may have been seriously affected either by way of injury or even worse.. or any significant effects on your life…bring your story forth and let it be recorded.

These guys have been doing a wonderful job collating stories and information from people from all walks of life who make up our wonderful country of Australia…this is a great opportunity to celebrate our region with a crew of like minded warriors...

So BWO food & drinks and enjoy this occasion see you Friday lunchtime…

Potoroo on Sunday week 29thJan

We are going to be blessed with an address from a guest speaker at Potoroo on Jan 29th-

Hala Franka to talk about the collective evolution from a Spiritual perspective

The Evolution - The Revolutions’s Next Level.

A New Year … an invitation to a new way of being. Hala will be talking about how to get where WE really want to go in these times … where & what that is. The tricky bits of a true revolution and how to manifest “the more beautiful world our hearts know exist”.

Hala is an initiated Shamanic Practitioner and Lore Woman . Hala says” I am excited to share with this group, in my community, “the boots on the ground”, how I see the Evolution, and how to create real change in your life, and this life.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

“See you on the 29th Jan for what I believe to be a deeply important discussion.”

More info about our next gathering at Potoroo in next week’s news.

Facebook Page

We have just launched a Freedom of Truth Facebook page which other than being blocked and banned should offer up the potential to reach a wider audience and enable us to link with other groups.. so go and have a look it is open to the public at the moment…we’ll see how it goes, perhaps it should be for members only requiring an approval process to be allowed to comment and post…we will monitor….. go and sus it out and share your info

Councils proposed ludicrous rate hike

Here is a link to a petition rejecting Councils proposal to rape and pillage the people please sign this ASAP if you haven’t already and also send off your own submission which carries a lot more weight but time is of the essence, it needs to be done urgently and sent off today or no later than tomorrow…here is a letter we prepared on behalf of the group you can cut and paste and put your name to it or modify as you see fit and all the addresses to send it to are attached to this news release…

Reignite Democracy initiatives.

Take a look at these three important initiatives (steps) and run with them because it is crunch time for awakening people to the oncoming freight train of CBDC Central Bank Digital currency and Digital ID and cashless society as we know if this is allowed to happen it will be very hard to save or preserve any freedoms we’ve enjoyed for our children

Here is a great little video that depicts where we’re the globalists are trying to take us…this should be shared to everyone

Honest to Goodness

As reported last week our Honest to Goodness buying group has gone into limbo for the time being but we have been fortunate that one of our members Janene Phillips has put her hand up to take on the roll of coordinating the orders…we have a bit of work to do to get Janene up to speed on how to do it, but we’re confident of continuing this great service…so stay tuned.

Tathra Movie night on tomorrow

Come along, bring your neighbour or anyone else you can convince to come.. to our Tathra movie night and watch the great doco Monopoly at the town hall starting 8pm and join into some discussion with Tea & Coffee afterward.

Café Locked Out this Friday 1pm Pambula beach Surfclub BBQ area BYO food and anything else you may want to consume.


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