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Freedom of Truth.... Celebrating the Coronation of the King

Freedom of Truth News update 10/5/23

Pambula beach presentations on Sunday week

As talked about in our previous News updates we are having our next gathering at Pambula Beach on Sunday the 21st May …. 10 am start with two excellent guest speakers …

Starting with R!k Schnabel the founder of Life Beyond Limits

Because Rik loved helping people to solve problems and reach goals, is why he became a Life Coach Trainer, NLP Master Trainer, and a Brain Untrainer with Life Beyond Limits.

Back in 2004 he founded Life Beyond Limits. Their aim was simple. Help people to open their minds to get more from life, and to teach life coaches the science and art of coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Their mission is to empower tomorrow’s transformational leaders today.

Rik believes that anything is possible when you come to understand that mindset, when aligned to meaning can create magic. That’s why they love to open new doors for their family of students and coaching clients.

Before 2004 Rik was at a crossroads in life because everything that was once great was falling apart. He needed help and that’s what led him to life coaching and NLP. It was there that he completely redesigned his life because by changing your mindset; altering how you think can make massive improvements in your life. In other words, new thoughts can become new opportunities.

Today, that’s what he does best. He became so impassioned by the psychology of transformation that he couldn’t stop learning NLP and Life Coaching and became a Master Trainer of Life Coaching and NLP. 19 Years on and he’s still studying, researching and learning.

Rik lives locally now but travels a lot with his work and passion and is awake to the globalist agenda and circumstances at hand…he very much is looking forward to addressing our group and engaging with like-minded people.

As a consummate teacher, he is going to share with us what NLP is all about and how we became who we have become – and how we can all change, if we want to.

Second address Flor Amanowicz

As many will remember Flor Amanowicz came down from Sydney in October last year and addressed the group about the incredible healing attributes of BIO Magnets and the use of Chlorine Dioxide solutions MMS & CDS for water purification purposes..

Her presentation was very inspiring as she has had incredible success in Australia and overseas in her journey to better health outcomes for humanity.

Flor as she did last time will also be holding a hands on workshop either on the day before her presentation or perhaps on the Monday after…Time and Location TBA

Forest of the Fallen in Tathra this Saturday

This Saturday down at Taylor Park near the skate park in Tathra, Jody will be setting up her Forest of the Fallen from 7am ….Jody did Littleton Garden’s in Bega adjacent to the Farmers markets last Friday and had the best day ever.. it seems more and more people are willingly showing support and or have personal knowledge of people who have suffered as a result of the bio weapons….

As an aside AUSVAX SAFETY DATA carried out a massive survey campaign to ask the public if they had had adverse reactions to the Jab and low and behold with a return rate of 6,611,017 completed surveys they found 44% of people had suffered adverse reactions to the poison…and the TGA are reporting 145,000 adverse reactions….I suppose 6,466,017 people who responded to the Aus Vax survey must be liars…

Pambula Markets this Sunday

Having been washed out or should I say “frozen out” from doing the Candelo markets last weekend we are going to do the Pambula Markets this Sunday so we’ll be setting up from 7;30 with our Agenda 2030 brochures and the Jab injury ones and also our 200 odd “ The Light Newspapers “ to help engage and spread the word about the globalist agenda, so come along and help spread the word about Smart city’s and 15 minute neighborhoods and CBDC enslavement …people love it ! see you then…


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