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Flyer distribution needed! We have 2500 flyers ready to go out..NOW

As everyone is aware the countdown is on… only 25 days before the World Health Assembly happens where member countries including our government will be voting on the WHO pandemic Treaties and IHR amendments, We need to get the message out about what these amendments and treaties will mean to the loss of our countries ability to control our own medical management and systems and basically handing our impendence & sovereignty to a bunch of globalist controlled crooks..

So please put your hand up for some flyers and I will get them to you by the weekend… and have a look at the other initiatives being rolled out by Aligned Council of Australia and get on board and support.

Plus.. we have 500 of the latest The Light Newspapers to be distributed around , Cafes, waiting rooms, apartments and Motels etc , the focus is heavily on keeping Cash alive.

So please contact me and I’ll get them to you…


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