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Forest of the Fallen

Freedom of Truth News Update 21/2/23

Thanks to the initiative of Jody McKenzie-Smith in chasing up the originator of the “Forest of the Fallen” which is a display featuring victims of the jab being either injured or having died as a result… conceptualized by a lady from Tasmania who was only to happy to share the photos and stories with Jody.

Jody with some great help from Alison and Jenny printed and laminated well over 100 of these tragic stories …they then put them out at Bar beach last Friday morning early then at Ford Park on Saturday morning and sat back and observed peoples reactions to them….and overwhelmingly lots of people were most fascinated…many very positive comments and people wanting to take photos..

Well done to the girls for taking this positive initiative ….a good reality check for some who have chosen to ignore the negative side to the jab scandal…a perfect reminder of what is and can happen..

The girls are looking to put them out again this Wednesday morning early 6:30 along the lake foreshore at Fishpen they are needing some help to get them into the ground as it is quite hard and needs a bit of muscle power and a decent screw driver or large tent peg & hammer…

So fellas or anyone who wants to… please come down as there are a lot of them to be done

Mick & Laura’s garden success We went out to Mick and Laura’s on the weekend to help restore the area of garden that they had so generously prepared and offered up to us at the start of the growing season, unfortunately the offer was not genuinely taken advantage of…despite there being quite a bit of initial interest to establish and plant a garden that soon waned and the garden was left to fend for its self (never a successful formula that one)…

Never the less Mick and Laura with some great assistance from Jenny Stewart in particular and Dianna have created an amazingly productive garden adjacent to our overgrown weed heap and they… as Mick said they would have incredible success growing in their tunnel as seen in these pictures… We want to thank Mick and Laura and Charlie for what they offered up and the time and effort and expense in preparing such for us… Unfortunately it is just circumstances that have occurred and it has not been successful on our behalf…but clearly had we put the effort in we could have also produced fantastically…. Thanks again guys and we would love to come out soon to do a weeding/work blitz to show our appreciation… .

Potoroo this coming Sunday

This Sunday from 11am we are having our monthly gathering at Potoroo…

This time we thought we would try and put a focus on the global financial realm as this is an area of concern for a lot of people….

We have three guest speakers starting with Lynden Ferris to give us his thoughts and ideas about what he perceives is happening in the realm of the new financial paradigms with Crypto currencies CBDC’s and the current Fiat and Swift systems…. where he see’s them heading and perhaps what to look out for ….Lynden is not a financial adviser and as such is not giving advise ….but he has a better than average understanding of the way things are unfolding so certainly well worth listening to his view.

Secondly we have Neil Charnock who is the Editor of GoldAus Journal, Neil is well versed on gold and silver markets and the history of money Neil says the purpose of his talk is to share some important connections, to hopefully break an old ‘money spell’. He will add more insight into creation as expressed as quantum theory, it links with the final topic. That is to provide a practical method on how to make your chosen future happen via a deeper understanding of the law of attraction.

To do all this he says he needs to align some facts from history with the current events. He will provide proof the Cabal exists, how they did it, and how to escape their traps using our own goals and the right tools.

Again Neil is not a financial adviser and therefore is not going to be giving financial advice….but Neil has a vast knowledge and will be of great interest to listen to..

Thirdly we have Jeff Hawkins who is an independent candidate for the seat of Bega in the State election coming up in a month…Jeff who most of us know stood as a candidate in the By-election a year ago…he’s going again..

Jeff has some great, quite well advanced plans regarding a substantial amount of affordable housing and a complete new government system he would like to talk to us about….he has been working with the Australia Project group (TAP) so this should also be very interesting.. Talks will be kept shortish and succinct or exterminated!

So please come along and enjoy a great catch up with everyone…Starting at 11am finishing around 1;30 for lunch at the Cafe

Dr Phillip Altmans visit has had a change of date and venue…

Due to unforeseen circumstances Dr Altman will not be coming on Friday the 3rdto the Bermagui community centre but instead will be doing his presentation at the Moruya Golf Club on Wednesday the 1stof March…

He is staying in Batemans Bay which makes it to far a drive to Bermagui for his address so Moruya it is…some of us will still be going so I shall confirm the time when I get the detail…

Honest to Goodness food etc

We have had some responses from interested people to become buyers in the Freedom of Truth buyers group….we are about to progress this and initiate our first order so for those who are not registered with Honest to Goodness then they will need to do so…we will send something out to help you go through the process soon.. cont…

Important info for everyone!

Everyone needs to engage on this issue…

50 Really Bad Amendments

Despite misinformation to the contrary, the negotiations regarding the proposed amendments to the IHR are about to begin this week (February 20-24, 2023). The WGIHR soap opera is about to begin!

James Roguski

Feb 20

“This is the website of a friend of mine, Oliver Waters. I met him and wife Sue through a spiritual group. They are absolutely on the same page as we Freedom of Truthers are on.”

Mind Body Sound Therapy | Nowra

You will see he does Sound Therapy as well as a number of other modalities. He said they would be happy to come to Merimbula for a weekend if there are enough people interested in having a session.

I wondered if you could put this out with the next Newsletter?

Many thanks!



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