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FoT news update 12/4/23

Fundraiser Gig coming on just fine

The gig is falling into place nicely with a lot of work from Lee Clarke coordinating everything to make this a very special night … and help from Elisha (Lee) Hawkins both going gangbusters organising food, sponsorship, marques, fire pits, everything including the kitchen sink.

Businesses are already donating food and money and services to the cause….

This will be an awesome night!

There will be good BBQ food with some Vegan Vego options ready to be eaten from 5;30 to 7pm and then top line bands with a great sound system being professionally mixed plus lighting.

We will be doing a raffle during the night and there will be buckets going around for donations so bring your loose cash and generous pockets.

Tea, Coffee, biscuits and slices etc will be available towards the end of the night.

What will be needed is helpers on the day and the night for setting up and cleaning up afterwards, also helpers doing the BBQ food, carparking attendants etc. There is the potential for a small amount of overnight camping but everyone has to be away by 9am in the morning as the hall has another event on at 9;30am

This will be a night to remember !

And whilst on the issue of the fundraiser for Gordon & Sue, Gordon is needing help with Aircreting, he is trying to get a start as there is an estimated 40-50m2 to be done in covering their dwelling…He has a small machine but has never had any experience Aircreting…

Is there anyone out there with knowledge who can give him some advice?

If there are people able to assist in doing the job…

Please give Gordon a call on 0467269816

YOUR HELP URGENTLY NEEDED to stop the WHO power grab..

We have only the month of April to stop Australia signing on to the World Health Organisation's International Health Regulation changes which will give it the power to force vaccinations of its choosing on everyone whenever it wished to declare another pandemic.

The WHO Treaty is not due to be signed until May 2024, but there is a clause that there is no opt-out for any country in the 12 months before the Treaty is signed. Again that leaves us only April this year to protest to our Federal politicians about their willingness to sign away our freedoms.

This is what is urgently needed:

1. copy this link into your web browser and press Enter -

2. scroll down until you see Maria Zeee's video in the page

3. follow through with the three steps listed beneath Maria's video

4. send these instructions to every freedom orientated Australian you know or to anyone who is waking up to what these vaccines have done

Please follow through like your life depends on it. The initial wave of these emails back in February got the attention of politicians in Canberra, but they are still sending out dismissive replies, so they need to see that more Australians are serious about this issue.

It is an Australian right to petition your political representatives - please follow through as soon as you can, and the more friends you have in other states beyond NSW the better it will be.


Australia Exits The WHO

It's time to exit the WHO

Here is an alternate letter in simpler terms that they may read more willingly…. you can just copy & paste it to each member you write to and you must sign your name and include in the “Subject” bar eg “Letter regarding proposed amendments to the WHO International Health Regulations”


Eg ….Prime Minister Albanese

Member of Parliament],

I am writing to express my concerns about the proposed amendments to the International Health Orders (IHO) that will be voted on at the next World Health Assembly. If these amendments are passed, the World Health Organisation's International Health Regulations will become mandatory for member nations like Australia.

I am deeply worried that these regulations will lead to even worse restrictions than we have already experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the measures that could be implemented include lockdowns, hard borders around quarantine zones, vaccine passports, mandatory check-in and contact tracing, mandatory health tests, mandatory removal, and quarantine. Compulsory vaccination may also become part of the regulations.

The regulations would be in place for as long as the WHO decides is necessary, and the WHO can declare a pandemic without justifying or publishing its reasons. There is no appeal, transparency, or fairness in this process.

I am particularly concerned because the WHO has a history of creating false pandemics, as was the case with H1N1 in 2009-11. The response to H1N1, if repeated for the next lab “escape” of a manufactured virus, will implement International Health Orders in Australia, including forced vaccination and forced removal & quarantine.

I strongly oppose the ceding of our sovereignty to the UN and WHO. I believe that unelected, unrepresentative foreign bureaucrats should not have the power to lock Australia down and force Australians to undergo medical procedures. The government should never have the power to force a medical procedure without our consent, and certainly not an unelected international organization.

I urge you to oppose the proposed amendments to the IHO and to support Australia's sovereignty. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


Name……………………………………. concerned Australian citizen Address………………………………….

No rest for the fallen

Jody has been hard at it in her pursuit of enlightening people to the horrors of the jab by continuing her Forest of the Fallen campaign.

Last Easter Sunday on the day the wind blew like there was no tomorrow Jody found one of the few spots that was manageable to do it “Short Point”. It was a great success despite there being one loose “sideshow” member run a bit feral….Jody handled the situation well.

The art of de escalation

Today she backed up again at Ford Park with great success and lots of people expressing support for the display right in the midst of school holidays, well done again Jody

Don’t forget this coming Sunday we are heading to Mick and Laura’s at Wolumla to give them a few hours help in their garden…be there starting at 10am


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