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Freedom of Truth committee meeting Agenda for Wednesday 6/7/22

In attendance...


Business arising...

  1. Analyze survey results Food production survey

  2. Possibility of communal land development options in the Bega valley

  3. Stand in the Park (Tathra)

  4. Contact Tree

  5. Trade (Skills Directory)

  6. CB Radio's

  7. FOT Website

  8. Neil's suggestion of drafting letters to politicians and media outlets calling them to start acknowledging the facts about the Vaccines and Covid otherwise they will be held to account for aiding and abetting crimes against humanity

  9. Idea of restarting doing the markets at Candelo particularly, maybe Wyndham and rebranding what our push is... ie fighting for Freedom against the Globalist take over, Central bank crypto currency, social credit system etc

  10. Reinstating our Market insurance

General Business...

Andrew Norths idea's of...

"Wondering whether it’s time to move the meeting and conversation more into the mainstream, like using a public hall perhaps (at least in the colder months)…. Potatoe might still be able to do some catering, or even someone in the group that could do with a income boost if they have what it takes (with less choice)…

I have been thinking a Healthy Living Expo could be good platform that brings in a wider audience, addresses many of the issues, and can also have a Awake component as well (at least through different stalls where people can present the work of the many organisations blazing the way for a more healthy, honest, corruption free, sovereign way forward (and also have the C-conversations or adverse reactions, etc.

As the chemtrail haze surrounds us today (@ least here in Tilba,

I’m feeling this is an important part of the push for answers and impacts our health, food grown, forest fires,…. It’s big and is like a white elephant (yes it is big, but there are some great sources),,, like the organisation behind Global Diming doco, and I have a recent interview by an Australian journalist you probably know, with the main guy….. anyways, just a thought, especially if anyone has a need for more active campaigning…" regards Andrew


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