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Hoody’s presentations awesome success

The visit to the area by Graham & Michelle Hood was met with great success and appreciation from a lot of people

After having a small but equally appreciated gathering in Mallacoota on the Sunday they filled both the halls at Pambula on the Tuesday and then Tarraganda on the Wednesday…they also undertook quite a few baptisms out at where they were staying at Candelo which kept them very busy.

The presentations were highly charged with truth, openness, honesty & hope…there is no holding back with Hoody he put everything on the table for all to see and encourages everyone to live in that light…Both he and Michelle’s life stories and journeys have been quite amazing and the love they have for each other is a testament to their journey’s.. Everyone who attended came away feeling there is a lot of hope for the rekindlement of the true spirit of Australia with love, care, strength, empathy and integrity as our guiding principles

Special thanks to Wendy Pursehouse and Leea Ferris for organizing our local gigs and Tim Frazer for organizing the Mallacoota gig & Jo Foster and her partner for putting Hoody & Michelle up out at Candelo..

Jody McKenzie-Smith on Cafe Locked Out

Forest of the Fallen has really taken off across Australia and now heading globally…it was featured on a US mainstream news network for a short before being removed, then Cafe Locked Out thought they would capitalize and give it a real plug here at home, so they interviewed the concept initiator Silki from Tasmania and our very own Jody who has been strategically putting up displays at many locations around our area getting a great deal of positive responses from many people… only with a few minor hiccups along the way. The whole interview is excellent well worth listening too..

US Banks collapsing

As per predicted over the past few years it looks like the financial collapse is not just imminent but actually unfolding with 3 major banks folding over the weekend in the US. This is reverberating throughout the world including here in Australia where some people are withdrawing money from their accounts in fear of what may be unfolding…it has been suggested that it is wise being prepared for a period of time where things may go pear shaped and accessing money may be difficult where businesses may have to shut down if banks are unable to function…

So as a lot of our group are either well or somewhat already prepared it is suggested for those who are not to start accumulating and storing enough food to keep you going for about a month, plus fuel….also having cash to do transactions is a good idea.

Best to be as prepared as one can be in case this collapse unfolds the way it is looking like it may… Get your gardens producing and get supplies.

For a bit of an overview…

It appears

Bailouts begin - total system collapse temporarily averted (for now)

Three US banks collapsed last week (Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature). Contagion took hold and quickly began to spread to other banks.

The entire US banking system would have collapsed starting today if not for the FDIC jumping in and offering to rescue even non-insured depositors at SVB.

The problem is that the FDIC has now essentially run out of funds to cover any more banks that fail.

What all this means is that the Treasury and Fed are going to have to print money to prop up failing banks. And that's going to cause inflation to skyrocket even more.

Smart City’s

Group member Marc Clayton forwarded a fantastic dossier of information about Smart City’s and how they are going to affect our lives but importantly it provides a platform to enable people to push back through local Councils etc the full package is attached

A guide for residents and ratepayers on how to approach your local Council to find out about Smart Cities plans in your community. Some of the content in this Info Pack has been based on the presentation - Researching global agendas as they unfurl into your towns and cities.

Watch the video for the full content. (Credit to Kate Mason)


Both the Candelo markets last week and the Pambula markets just past were very successful particularly the Candelo one where we were visited by many awake people and a group of people who came down especially to meet and see what we were doing from up Kiama way. They have a group and have been following our exploits via our media releases and our facebook page and are looking to do similarly with the markets etc… We are finding we are now connecting more so with other groups and are starting to network with them which is very positive and enables us to engage in more comprehensive and expanded actions..

Bega Food Share

This Saturday is the third of the month and therefore the food share is on again at the Kisses Lagoon carpark in Bega from 9;30-11am so please come along and bring any produce or food etc you may like to exchange a good alternate system to exchanging money…and don’t worry if you have nothing come along anyway people have a lot to offer regardless..

Gordon Sanger & Sue Demarco’s Lost home fundraising

Please don’t forget these guys have been through hell twice over, having lost their home to the fires and then being ripped off by the builder of their to be rebuilt house, being left with an unlivable shell that needs a significant injection of funds to enable them to get to a point where they can be able to get in and then whittle away at finishing it, so please click on the link and give what you can …every little bit helps

Mick & Laura’s Working Bee

We will be heading out to Mick & Laura’s place at Wolumla to give them a good session of weeding or whatever we can do to help them out soon… to thank them for providing us with a garden and growing opportunities, we shall keep you posted as to when this is going to happen..

Info Pack - A Guide for Council & Community Engagement for Residents 23-02-2023
Download PDF • 259KB

Info Pack - What you need to know about SMART Cities - The Good, the Bad & the Ugly 23-02-2023
Download PDF • 1.31MB


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