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Freedom of Truth News 23/5/23

Last Saturday some of our group headed up by Jen Tutton, Rosie Bunton and Bunny Gabriel decided to, in sequence with the Australian and worldwide “We are Ready” demonstrations, hold a placard display at the boatramp roadside in Merimbula… Jenn Tutton was particularly keen to do something as she is leaving and mooving to Albury next week…Jenn has been with our group for a couple of years from when I met her sitting up at the beach over 2 years ago, she has supported a lot of our events and causes over that time such as towing our billboarded trailer around town on numerous occasions during the height of the lockdowns…..We wish Jenn the very best for the future and will keep her engaged with what we are up to and we’re sure she’ll meet a like minded group over there…The Placard display went well with some new people, a family from Cann River & another family from Millingandi and various others coming to us and engaging who are all awake and wanting to join us…

Sunday’s BBQ and presentation from Life Beyond Limits R!k Schnabel

It was a great success despite the weather producing four seasons in each hour which caused us to have to relocate from Pambula beach to the next door beach at Jiguma which was more protected from the gale force gusts…

Despite the conditions we had an exceptional turnout of People (50 approx) to listen to R!k and enjoy the BBQ put on by Elisha Hawkins and helpers Janet and Jenny Stewart…the food was awesome and the presentations equally so, Just a wonderful bunch of people all together enjoying each-others company… Jody set up her Forest of the fallen around where we were located which added significantly to atmosphere of the place….this Saturday Jody is setting up at Short point, so if you would like to help set up be there at 8am or come along a bit later just to give moral support during the morning

Historic worlds first Covid Vaccine injury Class action lawsuit

At least 500 Australians have already joined a landmark Covid 19 vaccine injury class action lawsuit filed this week against the Australain Government and the medicines regulator seeks redress for those allegedly injured or left bereaved by the COVID-19 vaccines

Dr Melissa McCann a Queensland GP has raised more than $110,000 to crowd fund the case… We should contribute funds to help this class action as it is critical because it is a landmark case and if successful it will have worldwide implications…so we all need to get behind it, To donate to the case…

The suit accuses the government, the country’s TGA & Department of Health and a number of senior public servants of negligence related to the approval and monitoring of COVID 19 vaccines, breach of statutory duty and misfeasance in public office…. The action was filed in the Federal Court of Australia , NSW Registry..

Honest to Goodness food buying

For those who are interested go online and have a look at the incredible range of organic & Biodynamic foods and other products available through Honest to Goodness

We have just received our latest group order and will be doing another in a few weeks…I totally understand peoples reluctance to buy online in preference to supporting local businesses, which I think is the best way to go, but certain products are hard to source locally and this opens the door for an online option so if you are inclined take a look at their range and you may want to join up and place orders through our Freedom of Truth buyers group..


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