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Freedom of Truth News

Forest of the Fallen…. is a growing concern and is expanding all over the country, gaining a lot of public acknowledgement..

Jody has recently been contacted by Sharon Cousins from Wollongong wanting detail on how to establish Forest of the Fallen as they are wanting to get it happening up there.. Christine Cook who was one of our members and was behind the attempted establishment of an alternate school at Eden last year which unfortunately didn’t come to pass recently was in town. Christine is still part of our group and on our mailing list and therefore is fully aware of Jody’s effort in establishing the Forest in our patch. Christine is now based in Wollongong and teaching up there and is part of a group of awakesters up there and Sharon is part of that group. Sharon was recently interviewed by Michael Gray Griffiths from Cafe Locked Out in what is an incredibly enlightening interview where Sharon reveals her detailed research into Vaccine deaths & injuries that correlate to certain particular batches of vaccines. Sharon has done and incredible amount of digging through “freedom of Information” request to get the data required to piece it all together…and what a story it tells have a listen

Anyway Jody’s work is not going unnoticed and is reaching afar and the whole concept of Forest of the Fallen is a proven winner in alerting the public to some of the hidden facts about the Covid 19 vaccine rollout. Word is that it is even going international now which is awesome..

Tomorrow(Wednesday) Jody will be setting up on the eastern side of the War memorial on Beach st Merimbula 7am set up …so please if you can come down and help set up or just come down and show some support to Jody…it is quite a job setting all the displays up…many a hole to be drilled …Jody’s number is 0447 260 065 and keen for helpers… and also on Saturday Jody & Joasia Franki will be setting up in Dickenson Park opposite the Pub in Bermagui from 7am

Fundraiser Gig…Our fundraiser Gig is falling into place very well with Coles in Bega supplying us with all the meat to feed 350 people plus a marque and enough water to keep all the dancers hydrated.. Woolworths in Bega & Bermagui have given us vouchers for a hundred dollars each…Merimbula& Tura Woolies have offered up some food…

Three Bakery’s one in Cobargo, Bega and possibly Bermi are coming to the party with rolls etc….other suppliers have offered up as well.

Rowan has offered up a 44 gallon drum which we will cut in half and have a couple of fires going outside near the Cantina with the mega BBQ’s and there will be several other marques with chairs and trestle tables set up

Here is the link to the tickets for the Gig so get on and book your spot now makes it nice and easy …

Mick & Laura’s Last Sunday despite the weather bringing four seasons in one hour we had a great time at Mick & Laura’s prepping up one of there main outside growing beds for the new season plants and we were spoilt with an array of the freshest best quality produce provided for our lunch with some champagne to boot…it was tough but we soldiered through it…Special thanks to Mick and Laura for there hospitality and generosity it is always nice to help and support caring giving people…part of our New World order I think?


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