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Freedom of Truth News

Freedom of Truth News 28/6/23

Potoroo last Sunday was a great success with about 50 odd I mean “wonderful” people were there to enjoy 3 excellent addresses starting with Marc Clayton who is garnering interest in developing up a new or revised Constitution that is going to be developed by the people for the people much like our 1901 constitution was but even better.

Marc explained how he plans on holding a series of workshop seminar sessions on the nature and construction of a constitution. It will start with the reason and need for one, and finish with a workshop on actually writing or constructing one. The meat of the seminar will be a survey on the background origin and content of the U.S. and Australian Constitutions to prepare for the final exercise. The desired outcome, at the very least, is a clearer understanding of our constitution, and at the very best, a prepared people for involvement and influence on a new one. With the wide variety of views, This is a great opportunity for those interested in this area to explore and work together on it…if you are interested please return email me and I will forward you on Marc’s Contact details.

Peoples Health Alliance

We also had a good address from Rian about the PHA which is becoming an excellent network of alternate to main stream health practitioners offering up services to the public , PHA looks like it is gaining a network across Australia and beyond much to the benefit of everyone. Rian prepared this overview for our news…

“Firstly, my huge appreciation for all your generosity and support at our most recent gathering. Collectively we raised $385 for the People's Health Alliance. I will endeavour to keep you all updated with our progress and allocation of funds and offer total transparency around finances. Feel free to enquire anytime about our progress.

Of course, after my presentation I remembered how much I forgot to include LOL so here are some contact details and ways to connect with the PHA if you wish.

A reminder of what The Peoples Health Alliance NSW Far South Coast is all about:

For the People, by the People -An organic, people-led, integrated health initiative that aims to educate, support and empower people to take responsibility for their own health.

Our contact points are below:







Please, if you could share the links with your contacts and across all the socials and encourage any aligned practitioners you know to get in touch via email or Telegram.

Visioning Committee Our next meeting will be Sunday 23rd July at 2pm in Bega with an option to join by Zoom. We will meet monthly for now and evolve as required. Our meetings usually run for 1-1.5hrs.

Our initial focus is on establishing a datbase of practitioners, carers etc and deciding on organising flyers and other promotional material. Please get in touch if you feel drawn to join us.

FYI If you are interested in health freedom and taking a pro-active role in creating your own good health the Rumble channel has LOADS of informative videos across a wide array of modalities- something for everyone!

We are a people movement and we need people involved so would love to hear form you.”

Diane Gia Gleeson gave a great address to the group about the principles and benefits of Reiki and her experiences in learning and treating people over the years . Diane has had great success with it and will be a part of the PHA. Diane also touched on Bio Magnets which many people are interested in..

Candelo Markets

This Sunday we have Candelo markets on which should be great fun as always, rumour is that there is going to be a group also promoting the Voice for the Yes vote side….

So if anyone is enthused to prep up a couple of signs for our use like eg: the Koori flag with the wording “ IF YOU DON’T KNOW VOTE NO!” over it or below it would be awesome…it is very obvious that making changes to the constitution is very significant and permanent, clearly people are becoming concerned as to what is the finer detail ??? Why is the government refusing to be open & transparent ?? …. If the Government were legitimate about it they would put all the finer detail on the table for all to see, People are smelling a rat… the Government could perhaps even just legislate it for a trial period to see what affects it has and then consider asking the people to enshrine it into the constitution once it has proven to be effective and not divisive or damaging to our society… It is important we keep spreading the message there are just to many “known unknowns and not enough known knowns”… If you don’t know Vote NO!

Bega Valley Local Strategic Planning Statement 2040 adopted in 2020 by council

The document states “LSPS aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015.”

In the document they claim we are in a state of permanent Climate Emergency and we need to prepare for natural disasters, fires, floods, wave inundation, significant sea level rise and they have an adopted goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. They also talk of intensifying development within the town centre areas stopping development in ribbon outskirt rural areas, making everything accessible, providing electric car charging stations preparing for autonomous vehicles, Internet of things, smart lights, smart technology etc.

They are clearly captured by the UN agenda and have little knowledge of what it means in the bigger picture….blindly heading forth thinking they are doing it for the betterment of the planet and humanity…little do they know

Here is a video which I think is outstanding done by a KIWI lady who calls it out for what it is in a way that I think can be received by the “normies” quite well I hope …She has a great wit and sarcastic way of delivering the message….I have spoken to Clr Mitch Nadin about going through what’s really behind all this …he is somewhat awake to it. I asked him about getting to the other councillors with this information, I shall speak with him further more and workout the best way. I will also talk to Clr Karen Wright who I know is wide awake, I think the Mayor Russel Fitzpatrick is a possibility to break through with as well and there is also David Porter who appears open to most information. So we potentially have 4 of the 9 and would only need to get one more to throw some of this crap out, or at least throw a spanner in the works.. Have a look at this excellent video by Samantha Edwards -Unmasking the Smart City Agenda

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