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Freedom of Truth news 6/7/24

“I had a dream” Perhaps it was real, perhaps it was a nightmare, but it looks like things are literally Backfiring...

According to results of a recent trial and study undertaken by the powers that “shouldn’t be” into how receptive people are going to be with eating zee bugs n grubs and what possible negative side effects they could/will cause.

The study included over 1000 enthusiastic participants including Nicole Kidman and it found that the digestive systems of nearly all involved manifested incredibly high levels of methane gas to such unprecedented levels that the emissions potentially generated by a future where the bug'n'grub eating populous will not only negate the supposed benefits of eliminating all the live stock off the planet but will actually tenfold the emissions currently released by them into the atmosphere...this will be catastrophic for the planets future.. OMG Are we doomed? 😂

But in saying that there are a few other potential spin offs...

The study found these incredible methane levels would encourage self-isolation as nearly all participants couldn’t handle being in the presence of others, so this could be excellent in inducing permanent lockdowns, participants refused to enter elevators if anyone else was inside.. and school class rooms and work places were be severely affected..

One ramification highlighted is the likelihood 15 minute city’s will find people trying to break free just to get a gasp of fresh air and the potential of increased fire risk and methane explosions in confined spaces will likely become extreme, banning smoking would help in that regard..... Klaus and Bill have come out publicly though and stated these concerns are only minor and will be counter measured as Bill is busily developing a new vaccine to mitigate these mega methane glitches called the “death shot” ... get yours NOW!

NOW on a serious note!

Detox after Covid & Thrive Book Launch..

Next Potoroo gathering will be on Sunday the 28th July

We will be hosting Wendy Daniel and Lee Clarke co-authors of this fantastic new book that Wendy has undertaken to produce. This is the official book launch... Both these wonderous ladies are well known members of our group, Wendy has had great success with her first book Vaccines Myths & Facts which about a year ago Wendy rolled out the fourth edition. An excellent book focusing on historical vaccine data on all types of vaccines particularly the childhood schedules and reveals a picture that every would or want to be parents should read. Prof Ian Brighthope keeps a copy on his desk.

Lee has had a lifetime dedicated to natural health and has spent an enormous amounts of time researching natural and spiritual ways of helping people be the best versions of themselves.

Lee is not only a naturopath but she also holds qualifications in massage, yoga and fitness. Her website is

The book puts a strong focus on helping people recover from having Covid and particularly its supposed treatments i.e. vaccinations. It offers a wealth of knowledge regarding what natural foods and supplements one can take in order to build a strong healthy body and immune systems, it also explains what each organ does and what it requires to function at its best, the importance of getting everything balanced and working collectively to provide good health.

It offers protocols that are proving to be very effective in detoxing after being jabbed, it is a great “go to book” for anyone who has just not felt the same since getting the shots.

It is a great resource for people just wanting to improve their health... Barbara O’Neil has just ordered two boxes of books to distribute at her health retreat up on the north coast and Wendy is about to head off promoting her book to various parts of Australia until Christmas when she will return, hopefully having landed this book into as many hands as please come to this launch and help get this great wealth of info out there into the hands of those who need it.

Next Narooma combined group meeting & luncheon is coming up on

Sunday 21 July Narooma Golf Club 12.00 for people wishing to have lunch 1.00 sharp start of meeting to accommodate people who have travelled far. We are going to hold more rigid style meeting where everybody who wants to is encouraged to speak as we do not want to inhibit anyone offering their ideas or thoughts, but it has been agreed by those organising that we will not tolerate personal criticism or attacks.. purely playing the ball and not the man is welcomed.

Please advise Marilyn as soon as possible – or 02 4472 1835 of your attendance so that she can book the appropriate room for the numbers.

Forest of the Fallen

Once again Jody McKenzie-Smith was at it setting up at daylight at Bar beach yesterday on a morning where the temperature was very low just like the blanket of cloud above, but it takes more than that to dampen Jody’s spirit.. She had a great day with positivity abound..

What may lay ahead... (notes from Meryl Nass)

July 4, 2024

Dear Friends,

I have been writing and speaking a lot about Avian Influenza (H5N1 bird flu) recently.

Bird flu has been deliberately built up over 20 years as an extremely dangerous threat to humans. It was once a threat, but only to a few chicken farmers. Currently it is no threat at all, and if we were not seeking it out so vigorously, we would probably not even know about it.

US Navy scientists in Egypt tested over 8,ooo birds that had been trapped or shot between 2003 and 2009, and found that almost 10% tested positive for H5N1 bird flu! But they were healthy.

US federal agencies are following 9,000 farm workers in the US looking for bird flu cases. So far they have only found 4 in the past 2 years. All had mild illnesses. None were hospitalized and of course, none died.

Once upon a time, this virus did kill a small number of people, but less than 500 people worldwide, cumulatively, over more than 20 years. It has never spread person-to-person.

Over the past 4 years there are only 8 people worldwide who are reported to have died from bird flu. Since the WHO [mistakenly?] claimed a recent death from bird flu in Mexico, which the Mexican authorities forced the WHO to retract, we can't even be sure about these 8. Here is the WHO data on worldwide deaths from H5N1 bird flu:

Let me also say that no nation has reported anyone catching this disease from consuming food: not from milk, meat, chicken or eggs. So why all the fuss?

The possible reasons for the fuss are what I am afraid of. The authorities may be using this ginned-up animal pandemic for several reasons, none of them good:

  1. To gain greater control over how food can be produced and sold

  2. To push out small farmers, for whom imposing new "biosecurity" measures on their farms will be too expensive to stay in business. Many Dutch farmers have had to sell their farms, as more environmental regulations were imposed on them, and this may be the plan.

  3. To reduce the food supply with unnecessary culls

  4. To keep the population fearful

  5. To make synthetic foods more desirable

  6. To push the false notion that pandemics arise at the animal-human interface, and this interface should receive more attention and regulation

  7. To generate support for the One Health approach

  8. To generate support for the Global Biosecurity Agenda, the WHO Pandemic Treaty and national efforts of this type

Furthermore, pandemics are good business for the pandemic industry. Especially the vaccine industry. But pandemics also increase the status of many bureaucrats scattered throughout the US federal and state governments, the WHO, UN, European Union, and the funding of public health agencies worldwide.

For example:

A huge problem is that the vaccines that were created for these programs were not properly tested and are likely to be very dangerous. Two H5N1 bird flu vaccines in the US stockpile had mortality rates of 1% and 0.5% during clinical trials, but they were licensed anyway.

I had a lot of experience with this type of problem when I worked on the anthrax vaccine. No one thought the vaccine would be used, so substandard manufacturing, contamination of vials, and redating of expired product were overlooked. Millions of doses remained in a DOD stockpile.

Then, when massive reports of injuries appeared, the bureaucrats who had looked the other way and failed to regulate the product, were only concerned with covering up their mistakes. Millions of soldiers and thousands of others were injected with anthrax vaccine, for very questionable reasons. Many became permanently ill.

I don't want this to happen with bird flu vaccines, which is why I am issuing this alert. The federal government just gave Moderna a contract to make mRNA vaccines for bird flu. Clearly the federal government is building up the bird flu vaccine stockpile, and we may be facing down another COVID- like vaccine debacle in the near future.

So be warned. Forewarned is forearmed.

Adams Economics great achievement fighting the beast

and winning...

A great win for John Adams in his fight for fairness, accountability and transparency in how the bent ASIC has operated up until now, thanks to John and his tenacity please listen and follow John he is incredible and proves there can be justice in our such compromised system, just need to know how to out play the bastards which John has done... congratulations John...from Adams Economics follow on Telegram.

And from Rob Slazenger “The Hope Accord”

The Hope Accord is an opportunity for our global community to express its unequivocal opposition to MRNA injections enforced as human clinical medical interventions.

For a clear explanation of the accord please view this video (23min59sec) by Dr John Campbell:

If you are motivated to sign please visit this site: A copy of the wording of The Hope Accord follows.




A growing body of evidence suggests that the widespread rollout of the novel Covid-19 mRNA vaccine products is contributing to an alarming rise in disability and excess deaths.

The association observed between the vaccine rollout and these concerning trends is now supported by additional significant findings. These include the discovery of plausible biological mechanisms of harm demonstrated in laboratory and autopsy studies, as well as high rates of adverse events seen in randomised clinical trials and national surveillance programs. Altogether, these observations indicate a causal link.

This new technology was granted emergency use authorisation to address a situation that no longer exists. Going forward, the burden of proof falls on those still advocating for these products to compellingly demonstrate that they aren’t resulting in net harm. Until such evidence is presented, regulators should suspend their use as a matter of standard medical precaution.


Independent investigations must be properly resourced to allow a comprehensive re-evaluation of all Covid-19 vaccine products.

There must be a full exploration of mechanisms of harm to provide insight into their impact on the human body, both short and long term. Effectiveness must be reassessed through a comprehensive review of actual clinical impact on illness and mortality, as opposed to synthetic results based on modelled assumptions.

We call on the scientific community to come forward with findings from unpublished Covid-19 vaccine studies. This will help mitigate publication bias, whereby unfavourable results were often rejected or withheld due to fears of reputational damage. Crucially, government bodies and the pharmaceutical industry must also provide full transparency, granting access to previously undisclosed anonymised patient-level data from clinical trials and surveillance programs.

These cumulative actions will help determine any real world benefit of these products versus the true extent of the damage caused.


The denial of vaccine injury is a betrayal of those who followed official directives, often under coercion from mandates restricting their access to work, education, travel, hospitality and sports.

The vaccine-injured must be recognised and every effort made to understand their conditions. Support should include readily accessible multidisciplinary clinics offering investigation and treatment as well as appropriate compensation for all those who have been harmed.


Fundamental and cherished principles of medical ethics were disregarded on the premise of an emergency. These included: ‘first do no harm’, informed consent, bodily autonomy and the notion that adults protect children – not the other way around. The precautionary principle was inverted. Also, particularly concerning was the erosion of free speech – a democratic principle that underpinned the ability to question untested interventions whilst ensuring other principles were upheld. The consequence was exposing the public, especially healthy young people – including children – to unacceptable risks of harm.

Emergencies are never a reason to abandon our principles; it is precisely at such times that we most profoundly depend on them. Only after acknowledging they were wrongly abandoned can we commit to upholding them consistently and in doing so, better protect future generations.


The medical profession must lead by admitting we lost our way.

By drawing attention to these medical and ethical issues surrounding the Covid-19 response, we hope to validate and amplify the call to establish the relevant facts and ensure vital lessons are learned.

An honest and thorough investigation is needed, addressing the root causes that have led us to this place, including institutional groupthink, conflicts of interest and the suppression of scientific debate.

We ultimately seek a renewed commitment to the core principles of ethical medicine, returning to an era in which we strive for transparency, accountability and responsible decision-making throughout the spheres of medicine and public health.


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