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Freedom of Truth news 7/6/23

Pambula Market this Sunday

Last Sunday we had a great day at Candelo market where the longer it went the busier it got , Jody’s Forest of the Fallen was well received and we handed out a lot of The Light newspapers which people seem quite receptive to take, again we were thanked by many people for doing what we’re doing

This Sunday we are doing the Pambula market so we’ll see you there…should be busy as it is a long weekend and the Jazz festival is on in Merimbula

Forest of the Fallen

This Saturday Jody is going to set up over at Ford park opposite Cranky’s Cafe where there will be a lot of foot traffic…so if you can help Jody set up 7;30- 8am or just come over and show support through the morning

The Voice and our Constitution

This was sent through from one of our members and is well worth doing, it is made simple and easy for us to do but needs to happen, read below, watch the video and attached with this News update is a letter ready to go…


As you are aware of the deception that we have been under and the fact they are amping it up...

Then you will know that the Voice Referendum is going to have you pay rent on your land... even if you own it... rates are escalating with all other costs...

and it will become astronomical.

It will cost so much to live on the land you have you will be happy to live in a "smart city" and be under full surveillance and live by the social credit system...

Wow! Ask anyone who has escaped China's social credit system  how good that is......not!

Everyone is so busy paying rent or their mortgage or keeping up with the bills and work demands...

It's hard but true... we are going to quickly find ourselves under the rule of a communist system...

Please hear me out...

Our government and the whole political correctness is decisive. It looks all lovely and inclusive but it is trickery and deception and it divides us. 

If you are starting to wake up to the loss of our human rights and if your rights mean more to you than your bank account you may have time to push back.

Know that if the voice referendum wins a yes vote you will have no rights to your home and land.

We have time to stop this if we act.

Do your research on the Voice vote and if you need some material other than what the government spin and main stream media are feeding you I am happy to send links to indigenous elders who even call this deception. 

The government pay big money to make their deception look good. 

The real First Nations people who are not being paid off by the government and who see through their bribes are out there and wanting a NO vote for the voice. They don't want to be under their Parliamentary Constitution they are under their Sovereign Lore which gives them rights that the constitution takes away.

It is strategic and the government need the Yes vote.

This is another  point aside from the Voice referendum.

A way for us to start pushing back locally.

This guy, in the link below, offers a way to push back locally at a council level. Just on a general level in our own  backyard... so to speak.

Local councils are only corporations working for the government corporation.

They are illegal and we have forgotten that we voted NO to councils having the power the now have over us. 

They are meant to be working for the people ... for our needs but they push the government's agenda.

In Nov. 1999 councils  all became incorporated and were given an ABN. Do the research and look at what is really happening.

Ask the question... for yourself:

Where does their authority come from?


Trace it back. You will surprise yourself.

They are all illegal corporations and we keep consenting to their bidding by our silence and complacency.

I care about our freedom so i am sending this in the hope it will find you care for yourself, your family and your fellow humans.

You matter. Your home matters and so does your family but what is coming ahead from the WHO, WEF and the UN needs to be stopped as they seek to take more control of our lives through ultimately a system of communism.

"You will own nothing and be happy" (Claus Schwab).

This link shows you how to push back locally against your council.

Tim,  the guy working these letters is a die hard ocker but has done his research.

I have sent mine to the CEO of my council with a group of friends who have done the same. Strength is in numbers.

We are not activists but we are acting now because we need to stop what is coming.

Don't listen to main stream media. They don't give the truth. They are there to keep us entertained and stupid to what is really happening.

Please, please, please act. Tomorrow is the last day to sign the petition requesting the Government actually vote on the adopted amendments to the International Health Regulations before they are implemented.. if there is no response from our government then we will automatically be included and have to comply.. AUSTRALIA It's time to Exit The W.H.O. AusExits Update 6 June 2023 PETITION CLOSES ON JUNE 8 HAVE YOU SIGNED & SENT TO YOUR FRIENDS?

3 days left to help stop the lies & make them accountable. We have over 50,000 signatures - the more signatures the stronger our message. Sign the Aus Exits Who petition to force our Government to vote on the amendments to the International Health Regulations that have already been adopted, or they become binding on Australia this November, with no public or parliamentary discussion or input. Tell them NO WAY can they tell us lies and railroad the people of Australia. Do it for the country. Do it for our kids SIGN THE PETITION HERE - NOW.

URGENT REPORT: Dr. Rima Laibow -The Nefarious Plans of The World Health Organization Please take a moment to watch this video and make sure you share it with all your contacts. Dr. Rima, is an incredible doctor and an amazing person who, along with her husband, has been fighting to bring the truth to light since the early 2000s. GET IN ON THE FUN AND SEND SOME POSTCARDS We are flooding Albo and Dutto with Aus Exits WHO Postcards. NSW is leading QLD on the last count in our own State of Origin competition. We have made sending a message to our leaders easy and fun. Show your state cares! Get your postcards on our website here. PLUS Post your photos of you posting your message to our Facebook page with your postcode so we see the locations that are sending the Exit the WHO message. Our work continues.... Just as Britain Exited the EU, Australia Exits the W.H.O.

Our videos on Rumble #AusExitsWHO #ExitTheWHO Australia Exits the W.H.O. This email was sent to You've received this email because you've subscribed to our newsletter.


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