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Freedom of Truth News 9/1/23

Movie nights success..

Last week we had two very successful movie nights, showing the movie Monopoly Firstly at Pambula on the Wednesday night and then the

following night at Bermagui. Both nights had a mixture of existing group members and a good

dose of people who were from other areas, plus locals as well, lots of people interested in getting a big picture perspective of how governments, the media and business is controlled by one or two mega corporations that both own each other and are the major shareholders in just about everything else.

At Pambula we also showed another short movie… Johnny’s Cash

& The Smart Money Nightmare describing how the (CBDC) Central Bank Digital Currency will work and the ramification for everyone

A great success for both nights….we have booked the Tathra Hall for Tuesday the 17th Jan and may well continue to do other areas such as Narooma, perhaps Cobargo, Candelo, Merimbula and Bega

*We are looking for a volunteer to put some posters out around Tathra this week ASAP ….if you can please let me know and we’ll get poster to you

Candelo Markets new years day

In the lunacy of our enthusiasm we chose to get up early and start the new year on the front foot by talking the Candelo markets…it was a bit of a slow start for some people who were enjoying a sleep in or recovering from the night before, but it was probably our best market with a lot of interest and support from people

from all over the place….I personally spoke to 4 people who had had serious heart problems since the vax….we had our new Jab Injuries booklets which are an olive branch for those who feel isolated and ignored after having suffered adversity from the Jabs..

Apologies for not letting people know that we we were not going to and didn’t do the Pambula markets last Sunday, the main reason being we had had a busy week with the movie nights and a sleep-in was in order…sorry for those who turned up to help.

Flyer handouts

A special thanks to Graham Sage and Emma Weldon and her two daughters who delivered about a thousand of our Great Reset flyers out into letterboxes around Tura and also Ali Munt for getting some out in Merimbula …..for those who are interested and would like to get some out please let us know…

Graham Hood

It sounds like our number one down to earth top dog Aussie icon Hoody is coming to Bega and we are likely to organise a night at a venue for everyone to come and meet and hear Graham bring us up to speed with what been happening in his world…not sure whether John Larta is coming but this looks like early March..

We may try and jag a large venue like Club Sapphire or the Bega “Palace of Dreams” Civic Centre and really promote Hoodies presence and get a good crowd….as we all know Hoodie speaks from the heart and has a wonderful way with words…should be a hoot…

Here is a link to an excellent group discussion by Hoody, John Larda & three top doctors with voices unpacking the Dr Karen Phelps coming out after she and her partner suffered debilitating vaccine injuries …this of a quality that can open the minds of the sleepers before they line up for any further boosters..[1]



Honest to Goodness

We have had a very good run with the Honest to Goodness wholesale food buying group, even though there has been some teething problems that have finally been sorted out, the food and substances are of the best quality…a special thanks must go to Janet Ross for being the mainstay in coordinating all of this right from the outset…Janet is now stepping aside and we are now looking for somebody or others to take on the responsibility…not

too onerous but does require some commitment, all for the cause please let us know if you would like to put your hand up

Bega Food Share

Rian Smith held her second local food and produce share day last Saturday in Bega and had yet another great turnout, despite some folk being away. The atmosphere and intention was really positive

and uplifting. Rian says she will make a you beaut sandwich board to inform passers-by as to what is taking place and drive a bit more promotion for next time...Do we have any volunteers to make a sandwich board for the cause? If so please contact Rian or let me know…

Café Locked Out

The Deplorables road trip #3 is coming to Bega on or around Friday 20 th Jan we are hoping to organise getting together to meet them and make them feel welcome in our patch…so we’re just waiting for a response from them to see what their plans are..

The Peoples Reset

The Greater Reset Activation is the world’s collective response to the World Economic Forum’s Initiative: The Great Reset.

A myriad of excellent speakers on all subjects, take a look….

We Are The People’s Reset.


Keep abreast of our websites as they are growing and evolving &


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