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Freedom of Truth news Aug 11

Merimbula Pictureshowman Narooma Kinema

Book your tickets now!!

Sound of Freedom movie is finally here in Australia and available locally in both Narooma & Merimbula Cinema’s. This is a must see movie for all freedom fighters but even more so for those who are not attuned to this major issue…so I think we should be promoting it as much as possible on social media and even print off flyers and put them around…this is a big doorway into an area that the mainstream have not previously gone to, it is hoped that once people see this they will be encouraged to question that there are things happening that are kept from them by governments and the media…and start opening their eyes..

If this movie is a block buster here in Australia despite its lack of mainstream promotion it can only encourage people to question why the lack of exposure given the outrageousness of the issue….so let’s pack out the theatres

Potoroo gig on 27th August

Stina Kerans who is addressing our group about the existing financial controls and how we can work around them (this took us years of work) so that we can get our money out of the system while we can.

This interview by Australian Maria Zeee with US attorney Tom Renz is about a new aspect of financial control - The Unified Ledger:

They describe how our personal tax can be increased on items we buy too many, or too much of, or if you are not 'compliant' with the guidelines and mandates, then they plan to penalise us.

At some point when your equity in your property is reduced by these taxes, your property can be 'taken' to pay the taxes that are showing on your unified ledger.

This is yet another threat to the personal ownership of property, a control mechanism that works hand in glove with the introduction of the CBDCs, 5G surveillance (with its associated automatic scanning systems), etc. It won't matter if you have paid off your mortgage or not.

Many of us accept that the old must crumble, and it is we who must build the new. I accept this but I did actually believe that those who didn't wish to conform to 'the plan', could survive in an isolated home, within a new structure, but sadly, I now no longer believe this.

The controls are mainly aiming to rid the middle class of any sort of property ownership, and I think by the number of ways they are going to 'get at us', that they will achieve many aspects of their goal. Too many people actually want what's on offer, and are willing to conform - especially those who have nothing to lose - they can't afford a home and are offered a universal wage with a secure roof over their head.

One solution is that we unite while we can, via land banking. I want to put 'a bob each way' ie continue doing and living the way I am, AND have an escape plan that includes others.

If there is another group that has something better than Kianga Homestead in Narooma (ie they already have a structured community on good land with a minimum of 15 people living on site) - then we will consider selling up and joining forces. We are very resourceful and have a lot to offer an already established group.

We no longer want to be like 'Henny Penny' - being the only one responsible for putting more time and money into Kianga Homestead in order to support a community if/when they require it:- (When Henny Penny had her grain clean and ready to grind into flour, she asked, “Who will help me grind the wheat, kneed the dough and bake the bread?” No-one helped.... but when the bread was finished everyone wanted some!)

Survival is all that's possible alone - I aspire to more than this. All the silver and gold can't protect us against the things they are planning to pit against us - but communities of people can offer so much, including protection - like the Amish, and the project in Queanbeyan, as it isn't individually owned (they are unlikely to tax their own companies and therefore unlikely to bother to separate out this class of ownership); it's in plain sight (and they need workers in the capital city); it will be a part of a greater network of villages (a network that's now forming). If enough of us act together, then we may actually thrive.

I would like to address in an informal way: the existing financial controls and how we can work around them (this took us years of work) so that we can get our money out of the system while we can. How to use our super and funds to land bank in a structured way - in order to retain our freedom and form a parallel society; and why we need 2 complementary currencies (a Yang and Yin way of exchanging our energy - money and trading).

It would be good to prepare for this gathering by listening to Michael Shuman –economist, attorney, author, and entrepreneur, and a leading visionary on community economics.

In this talk he did in Brisbane on his 2012 Australian tour, he addresses the very issue that Sun Villages had, re sophisticated and unsophisticated investors.

And at around 23 mins he scolds folks about their superannuation - what they are doing or not doing with it.

I look forward to discussing these issues with everyone regards, Stina and Garry

Jeff Hawkins who is working with the Sovereign Tribal Council which is not to be mistaken with any of the Aboriginal Land Council Corporations and our crooked corporate government will be bringing us up to speed with where they’re at.

As we know Jeff and many others are endeavouring to bring forth the Yuin Nation as a parallel system of governance where we are one together with our indigenous brothers and sisters…Thing are moving along and Jeff say’s ” I’ve just heard another 40+ tribes are wanting in. Hope to share pictures of what the Federation Flag looks like (as per the Elders), Including our local “Coat of Arms” and Common Law connections.”

Senator Ralph Babbet’s End Big pharma’s vaccine indemnity Bill

Here is a fantastic Bill being put up for debate and a vote in Parliament by Senator Babbet, oit speaks for itself and the evidence is very but but have a read of this article reveals how the bill is framed in a way that makes it very hard to not be successful….although as we know there are no certainties in our crazy world

'End Big Pharma vaccine indemnity': new bill tabled in Australian Parliament

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