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Sending a letter to your Federal MP re: WHO power grab

As you know

The W.H.O. is currently drafting two treaties in the name of being ‘pandemic ready’ that will be legally binding on us Australians if our Government does not reject them.

The two treaties are:

1. 300+ amendments to the already existing 2005 International Health Regulations (300+ IHRAs) that Australia is already bound to;

2. a brand new Pandemic Treaty.


At the end of May this year, our Government is set to vote on both Treaties which will mean you and your loved ones will:

lose your right to make decisions about your own life and the life of your loved ones;

hand decision making for your children's welfare and health to the W.H.O. and you’ll have no say;

lose basic human rights, fundamental freedoms and freedom to speak up;

be required to take whatever medical procedure is prescribed, not by your doctor, but by a faceless unaccountable overseas bureaucrat - medical procedures will include "vaccinations" produced in less than 100 days where the pharmaceutical company is indemnified and free of any liability

Yes folks... this is for real!


SEND A LETTER TO YOUR LOCAL MP AND LET THEM KNOW OF YOUR CONCERNS ABOUT THE WHO AND THIER PROPOSED POWER GRAB   Get onto this.. it only take a few minutes and you can either send your local Federal MP a hardcopy letter, go in and deliver it yourself or you can send an email instead...obviously if you go and deliver it, it carries a lot more weight. You can also send to all the senators. Only take a couple of minutes….The letters are already structured for you just follow the prompts  I have attached the one i sent to MP Kristy McBain and I will also call in to her office in Bega and hand deliver it. You can use mine as a guide or do a much better one, but she needs to know this is an issue of major concern to our freedoms & liberty's.


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