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Why are we the only species that pays to live on Earth?

Greetings Localists,

I have been wondering lately, why is it that we are the only species that must pay to live here on this planet? I know, that is a massive can of worms opening up right there and a conversation for another day but it did get me thinking about creating ways around having to pay for everything.

Voila!! The Bega food Share idea was born. We will gather on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at "Kisses Lagoon" picnic tables on Carp St and swap and share a range of items related to food and gardening. The only limits are set by our imaginations.

All Welcome Here

We understand there may be days when you might not have anything to share or swap...that does not matter to us. We want to build a network of support and connection in our neighbourhood. Our vision sees a group of people coming together, getting to know each other and seeing what we co-create as a group.

Wondering what to share?

  • garden greens

  • veg & fruit...lemons anyone?

  • eggs

  • cuttings

  • seeds & seedlings

  • kombucha scoby

  • sourdough starter

  • kefir grains

Room to Grow

If there is interest and a need we can make this whatever we want it to be and include clothing, household items, tools etc.


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