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Freedom of Truth news 6/9/23

Candelo market scenario

Last Sunday we had an interesting time at the market when on arrival after setting up we were confronted by one of the market organisers who basically told us we shouldn’t be there and there had been complaints about us and in particular that a Doctor he wouldn’t name was suing the market for allowing us to spread false information… we basically suggested it was a bit peculiar that he would be suing the market and not us? As we are the ones supposedly spreading the false info…I suggested he needed to substantiate his claims and he walked off in a huff…

A little while later the guys that collect the money from us came along and told us we had to leave as there had been a lot of complaints and we apparently had been attacking other stall holders… Anyway we didn’t just pack up and go as we had arrived in good faith and booked to be there without any notification of any problems, in fact we had yet another very positive day with a lot of people as always interested in what we were offering, very strong support for the vote NO info …. Jody set up a petition highlighting that we had been told we were not welcome and garnered well over 100 signatures from people who came to our stall in just a couple of hours…

Neil Charnock has written a response to the Candelo market committee rebutting and debunking the accusations that were made….We do in the letter, which is attached for everyone’s benefit acknowledge there was an incident that occurred a couple of months ago where one of our team went and confronted the YES stall people and became embroiled in a confrontation, which was inappropriate despite some circumstances that may have helped induce it….We do not condone such confrontations and generally are on the receiving end…

Anyway have a read of Neil’s excellent wordsmithing…I feel we have a good leg or two to stand on. It is unfortunate though given the great support we have received over the time at Candelo…so hopefully we will continue .

Looks like labour are self destructing with their push for the yes vote on the Voice to parliament as popularity is diminishing everyday…getting Johny Farnham to back them with the use of his song “The Voice’ for an undisclosed figure $ seems to have back fired “You’re the Voice try and understand it” ??? Here is some of our group including Andrew Thaler and his wife Alisa and Joasia Franki giving it their best, taking the mickey right out of it…this is going viral across Australia…awesome stuff guys… Johny’ll be under the dooner now thinking selling his soul wasn’t worth it..

Government calling for submissions..

"Preparing for, and responding to, future pandemics and other international health emergencies"

Please share and encourage others to share and submit their answers to the 3 questions these mobsters from our government asking?

These questions are very contrived & directed to encourage certain responses and not allow expansion into other areas of concern to many , so be careful with responses and keep to the basis of the question or they will reject your response... I have provided hybridized answers I tweaked from the website , you can do the same or copy and paste these ones or do your own, but these submissions close on the 17th Sept

We are particularly seeking your views on the following questions:

1. How can international cooperation be improved to more effectively prevent, prepare for, and respond to, future pandemics and other international health emergencies?

Answer 1

Absolutely, first and fore most, the innate health (in the true sense) must be understood, encouraged and maintained as best as possible at all times!

It has become very clear that when natural health is restored and maintained, "ill" health becomes less of an issue.

The language used in this question is somehow *normalising* pandemics with a focus on "responding" to ill health, rather than focusing on prevention. This MUST be addressed and questioned.

The 3 years of "COVID" quite glaringly show that poor metabolic health is a significant driver in susceptibility to symptoms and medical complications.

From medical experts around the world, some crucial factors for health and functioning immune systems include:

- Vitamin D sufficiency

- Healthy weight and metabolic function

- Some level of physical fitness

Much of the above is addressed quite glaringly with a reduction (or complete cessation!) of highly processed foods with a high carbohydrate/sugar content.

Dietary fat is pivotal to health and healthy regulation of blood glucose.

This is not rocket science, just basic fundamentals in developing and maintaining a strong natural immune system.

2. What issues do you think need to be prioritised to guide the world’s future preparation for, and responses to, future pandemics and other international health emergencies?

Answer 2

Innate natural health through sound nutrition and lifestyle MUST be prioritised to *PREVENT* the

potential for so-called "pandemics".

Public health messaging MUST be a priority!

Public health messaging on deleterious effects of poor nutrition and lifestyle MUST be a priority!

The focus should be on the *PREVENTION* of future health issues.

There are also cheap and effective treatments that can be used for early onset of symptoms in many cases, and these must be available at all times to treating medical practitioners.

By using terms such as "future pandemics" is normalising an issue that can likely be avoided by the public developing good strong natural immune systems ..

3. Is there any other information you would like to provide that might help to guide Australia’s engagement on a new international pandemic instrument and changes to the IHR?

Answer 3

Firstly, understand the *significant* impact of the current proposed amendments to the IHR should they be passed unchallenged!

Australia MUST oppose any such changes that remove ANY aspect of sovereign function as a country and for it's population.

At NO POINT should medical/health decisions be handed over to ANY global body that removes individualised care for any patient in need.

Australia must exit the W.H.O. and maintain the ability to address issues of health as a sovereign


Any amendments that impact negatively the human rights of Australians must be rejected.

The cost benefit analysis of Australia’s commitment and financial support to The W.H.O must be made and acted upon before any new threats to the health of Australians. .

Australians must know of all financial commitments to The W.H.O. upfront.

In recent history The W.H.O. has not earned the right or trust to be making the request within the Zero Draft PPPR to enlarge their budget by $30 billion a year, more than 5 x their current annual budge

** For supporting documents, please refer to the VAST body of research and knowledge that exits in the medical field that supports all 3 of my responses. (there is too much to include as an uploaded file - it would overwhelm your servers, I'm sure

Breaking News

According to Dr William Bay the Voice referendum has been proven unconstitutional in the way it has been presented on the referendum form without all the details, apparently any proposed constitutional changes need to be finalised and displayed on the form being presented to the public and this is not the case, Changes to the rules of holding a referendum that require it to display all the details of any proposed changes as such have been changed just recently but still apply in the actual constitution which is the ruling law, this was heard in the High Court yesterday, and therefore apparently cannot procced, take a look at this link

Go William Bay what a true freedom fighter!!!

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