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Freedom of Truth News 10/03/24

Hi Truthers we have been a little quiet since our last Potoroo gig but things are

ramping up with various offerings coming up...

Firstly, we have an invite from our northern partners - on behalf of the South Coast Trading


“On Sunday March 17th we are having a community fun day and Trading day at Tilba Tilba

Sports Ground from 10am to 2pm.

We invite you to bring along your produce and goods for trading and a picnic lunch to share.

Your family and friends are invited to join in the fun.

Please bring your table to display your produce, preserves, baked goods and art and crafts,

whatever you'd like to trade.

If you have a gazebo please bring that along too.

We welcome barter, cash, LETS and TNE as currency.

Our aim is to unite our communities and share in our beautiful fresh produce and goods.

The more the merrier!

If Traders could arrive between 9am and 9.30am to set up that would be fantastic. We aim to have coffee and tea facilities, so a cuppa before we start would be grand. ”So for us Truthers this is a great opportunity to come together and support this great initiative and enjoy some time together meeting others.

Zoom with Cass Smith

A fantastic opportunity has arisen thanks to Isabelle Peacock who has lined up a zoom meeting with Cass Smith who is from Freedom Financial Solutions. Cass is well known and respected in the financial and freedom circles, she has addressed at various rallies and is extremely well versed in finances.

The purpose of the zoom is for Cass to help identify where and what people can do to best secure their money in the lead up to a likely financial collapse, Cass focuses particularly on Super funds that can be lost with a financial collapse, she will also give detail on “bail in” laws and how they can come into play, which can affect everyone who has cash in the bank, she will talk options such as Gold and Silver etc, so this is a great opportunity for those with concerns as to how to secure their money to hear some options. 19th March 6:30-8pm

Link to Zoom which is a Microsoft Teams link Microsoft Teams Need help?

Join the meeting now

Meeting ID: 428 113 392 105 Passcode: iXqGpX

Here below is a link to a previous Zoom Cass did recently on her travel in Victoria

Potoroo the following Sunday 24th

We will have Wendy Daniel giving us an overview of her Vaccines Myths & Facts book which she has just updated and recently released the 4th edition of. Wendy will also brief us about her upcoming release of her new book focusing specifically on Covid 19 debacle and subsequent toxic jab rollout...

Wendy’s initial book is an excellent book for young people who are looking to have families to help them understand the potential implications of following the mainstream vaccine schedule for children...this book sits on the desk of Prof Ian Brighthope who is an expert in natural & intergative medicine, he recognises and advocates as to how valuable this book is.

We will then be blessed with a presentation from Judy Wilyman who as explained in our previous news release has moved into our patch and a highlighted Judy has a PHD in vaccine studies and is a long-term fighter for truth about vaccines and the tragedy they can cause. So certainly not one to be missed.

Innovative Traders

Markus & Symony organised a zoom link up meeting with James Greenshields from Innovative Traders ten days ago. James is very motivated and clear on the fact we all need a lot of self- improvement within ourselves to enable us to best confront the new way forward, he is all about community building and is proposing a 2 day community building workshop which will be available the end of April/ early May . (Location TBC) Symony has nominated the far south coast for us fingers crossed.

Furthermore some people have expressed interest in wanting to explore further insights from Greg & Sharyn Mckay’s recent presentation at Potaroo (TNE, Banking, Intercommunity connections and trading etc) We are seeking expressions of interest from our group for Greg to set up various zoom sessions on these topics. (our understanding is it will be one zoom session per topic). Please reply to this email by the 17th March with your expression of interest to attend and what topic of interest you would like covered and we’ll put it to Greg.

What the FUQ

Here is a link to an excellent video put together by Scott Bartle from WA that you may have seen before, it is well worth a look as it reveals his battle with Australian Customs and the Australian government proving their legitimacy or otherwise and in doing so revealing them being corporate entities owned and run by a private cartel within the US. Validating the realities all our taxes are not supporting us “We the People” but being funnelled to the Australian Government corporation in the US for profit, nothing we don’t already have an idea of but it reinforces the reality for further info and a swathe of pre written letters and documents ready to be sent to all these fake authorities go to this website

LETS Growfree Bega Valley

Hey Freedom lovers, here’s the link to LETS GROWFREE. Already a number of forward thinking, pioneering freedom fighters have signed up already and are starting to build a parallel system. The future we want is ours for the taking (and making ). The only thing that’s getting in the way of us creating the world we want is our own issues that hold us back from creating it. If you’re having any difficulties with the sign up process reach out!!

Private Home Ownership Under Imminent Threat in Greater Sydney,

parts of NSW and New ZealandA very well put together dossier of critical information every home owner needs to know.


Kate has been at the forefront of the push back against the globalist infiltration of Australia for many years, and deconstructing the narratives to understand the real agenda behind it.

Julian Assange doco

Awesome movie showing at the Narooma Kinema showing now, for those who would like to see it please contact the Merimbula Picture showman and ask for them to get to show it locally.

And for those interested Alexandra Seddon is having a small exhibition in Candelo at Easter. It will feature original collages from her book Conversations during a Dictatorship. The opening is on Good Friday 6pm, Bill Brown and Cathy High will open it.


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