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Freedom of Truth news Aug 3

Candelo Markets

We have got the Candelo markets this Sunday and we are needing volunteers to come and help man the stall as I am not available for this one, Connie is going to be there and so is Jody who is doing the Forest of the Fallen but we need a bit of help particularly manning the Freedom tent and setting it up. So please put your hand up to help…it will be a good market as Candelo always is..

Response from Kristy McBain

I received a response from Kristy McPain yesterday after sending her submissions in relation to the WHO amendments and the Freedom of Speech bill, I got automated responses and then received a personal invitation to go to Canberra to listen to Thomas Mayo the fully fledged communist activist for the Voice speak ….I thought how detached and ignorant can one be. Instead of responding to my submissions i get put onto an automatic PR mailing list. Another example of inept leadership….Oh the sooner we get a one world government and get rid of this bungling ineptness the better!!! (tongue in cheek)

mRNA in your steak? We don’t know the consequences?

Attached to this release is a good overview assessment of the conflicting opinions and studies and general lack of knowledge about the impacts of mRNA injected livestock…

It is understood studies have been underway here in NSW since last year and are due to be finished this month. I believe then it will be assessed for a decision to be made as to whether it becomes compulsory or not depending on the results…but really it is quite obvious that studies are insufficient and longterm studies can’t happen in the short term. If you are looking for good suppliers of meat guaranteed to be uncontaminated there are a few options available worth looking at…it would be great to find some local suppliers which I am sure will come to the fore once they realise the premium market that is developing…in the mean time consider and

Stop the Rot Sack the Lot

Marc Clayton has been distributing flyers and trying to establish small community group meetings to build awareness of the draconian proposed Freedom of Speech bill… Here is another link that may help get us started in small neighbourhood groups. This is about the ACMA legislation, but it is a good place to start as we only have a few weeks left to make comment. Printing the flyers and putting them in your neighbours letter boxes is a good way to help inform people.

Stina Kerans co founder of Sun Villages will be addressing our group at the end of this month and wants to talk about financially connecting people and creative collaboration for better living…..

Stina says.. Yes - Sunday 27th August is fine - I'm getting a lot bolder Fraser... I've been driven to talk out lately. It will be around financial controls; the importance of getting our money out of the system while we can, and how to use it in a structured way to acquire land in order to retain our freedom and form a parallel society; and why we need 2 complementary currencies (ways of exchanging our energy - money and trading).

Stina says……. There does now seem to be an urgency to take action, as the risk of non-action increases!

And the following sums up what drives me:

Consider: What risks do we face if we don’t take action?

1) Peter Drucker: “One has to make a decision when a condition is likely to degenerate if nothing is done… The effective decision-maker compares effort and risk of action, to risk of inaction.

2) The Precautionary Principle

If you live as if it matters and it doesn’t matter, then it doesn’t matter….

but if you live as if it doesn’t matter and it does matter…. Then it matters.


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