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Freedom of Truth news July 19

Last Sunday’s Potoroo gathering

It was a beautiful sunny day with no wind and no chemtrails just one of those classic days you remember from times gone by…but YES they still happen

We had two excellent addresses one from Barbara Mavridis & also her husband Roy Rogers who head up the movement…they have both been working hard to put pressure on the politicians to firstly reject the amendments to the 2022 (IHR) International Health Regulations. There is only 2 weeks before parliament resumes and the JSCOT (Joint standing committee of Treaties) will be reviewing submissions and making their call on whether or not they support the WHO’s amendments…

The main game amendment that is very contentious for the 2022 year is the changing of the time frame for member countries to assess the recommended amendments which currently is 18months but they want to shorten it to only 10 months…If a member state (Country) is silent and does nothing…then it is deemed to accept the changes and will be expected to comply with such. The 2023 proposed amendments would have to be assessed and considered and or varied within a 10 month time frame if our government don’t reject the shortening of the time frame to rather maintain it at 18 months … The 2023 amendments to the IHR have over 300 proposed changes of which none appear in our favour…it is all about giving our rights to the WHO to run our health system whenever they deem it is required …and as we are now supposedly living in a perpetual state of climate emergency which apparently can induce bad health. One can see where this is heading…

So it is critical we send submissions to the JSCOT committee members to let them know we do not consent to this potential complete take over.. Go to the website and follow the prompts to get the email addresses of the JSCOT committee members..

From Barbara..

“I want to make sure we keep the momentum going because together, we can achieve great things. So, I'm attaching the links to our websites once more. It would be awesome if you could share them and encourage others to join us in taking action. Every little step counts, and when we stand united, we become a force to be reckoned with!

Speaking of action, George Christensen is currently working on a letter to push JSCOT (that's the Joint Standing Committee of Treaties) for an inquiry not only for last years amendments, but also the 309 horrific amendment of 2023.. It's a significant step, and we can make a real difference if we act fast. Starting in the next day or two, you'll find the letter on the website and George is pushing it through CitizenGO. We're also getting some great support from Nation First, Dave Oneegs, Monica Smit, Alex Antic, Topher, Joel Jamal, and Babet on their socials. Let's get the word out there!

Time is of the essence! We have two weeks before parliament resumes on July 31st, so let's rally everyone we know to visit the website and send that crucial letter to all 16 members of JSCOT. Our collective efforts can make a real impact. Members names and details are accessed through the website and also attached with this News update..

Now, I know , isn't fully finished yet, but I'd love for you to have a peek and get familiar with it. This website is our potential game-changer, and I'm filled with hope that it will help us bring about the changes we dream of.”

Federal Governments Orwellian Ministry of Truth proposed legislation

Time is of the essence!

The Australian Federal Government is currently seeking community opinion by the 6th of August on its latest proposed legislation, where it wants to suppress free speech in the media and social media. Free speech is the basis of any democracy and such legislation spells its death. On July 4 2023, a US court shot down the Biden Government's censorship of free speech as unconstitutional and anti-democracy. The ACMA legislation basically takes the Biden approach. The Government wants your input by clicking on the Have Your Say button at

(one short paragraph will be enough) or amp it up.. also below is copy of a submission Barbara Mavridis sent off (feel free to use or plagiarise it) It is absolutely crucial that they are so flooded with dissent to this legislation that it blows their hair back. If not we lose our democracy.

If you are wanting a detailed 27 page argument against this kind of political censorship click on

(it will go to your Download folder). The Executive summary on pages 5 and 6 should suffice, but if you want the actual evidence, the remaining pages have 90-odd links to the referenced websites. Please please please do not put this off. We have too much at stake.

Well people… it’s a little bit of time out of everyone’s day but critical we do it as these issues are front and centre and time is of the essence..

Submission example done by Barbara

Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023


Freedom of information and free speech are fundamental pillars of any democratic society. They allow individuals to express their opinions, engage in critical thinking, and hold those in power accountable. However, this is a concerning government bill that seeks to restrict these essential rights. This document aims to present arguments against the proposed legislation, highlighting the dangers of limiting freedom of information and free speech.

1. Government's Propagation of Misinformation

Over the past few years, the government and its bureaucrats have been the primary propagators of mis and disinformation. Their dangerous lies have caused significant harm to the Australian people, the economy, and society at large. It is therefore perplexing that this legislation fails to address the government's role as the biggest source of misinformation.

2. Suppressing Dissent and Removing Free Speech

The legislation appears to be designed to eliminate any sources of dissent against the government in power, thereby restricting free speech and the right to debate. It aims to remove independent media sources and social media platforms that provide alternative perspectives, including references to scientific facts and peer-reviewed evidence. Such restrictions undermine the democratic process and hinder the discovery of truth.

3. Orwellian Censorship and Removal of Truth

The bill employs the terms "misinformation" and "disinformation" to mask its true intent, which is to control narratives and suppress dissenting voices. If the legislation were honest, it would acknowledge that the truth and scientific facts pose no threat to the safety and well-being of Australians. Instead, it aims to establish Orwellian censorship, eradicate thought crimes, and deny citizens access to the truth.

4. Inaccurate Labeling of Information

The legislation's definition of misinformation as content that is false, misleading, or deceptive is flawed. Numerous instances have occurred where information initially labeled as misinformation was later proven to be true. Examples include statements about the mandated nature of certain medical treatments, their limitations in preventing transmission, their distribution throughout the body, the origin of SARS-CoV-2, and the efficacy of repurposed drugs. Such mislabeling of information undermines public trust and impedes the discovery of truth.

5. Removal of Global Information Sources

The legislation seeks to censor not only what is published within Australia but also internet content accessible to Australians worldwide. By restricting access to global information and news sources, the legislation poses a significant harm to the Australian population, economy, environment, and democratic processes. Throughout history, those who have sought to limit information and destroy history have never been on the side of what is right.

6. Passing Responsibility to Digital Platforms

The bill's attempt to pass the responsibility for addressing misinformation and disinformation onto digital platforms is merely an evasion of accountability. Without clear guidance from the government on approved narratives and information, platforms will struggle to determine what is permissible. This approach risks restricting freedom of speech and undermines the government's responsibility to protect democratic values.

7. Eliminating Public Discussion and Debate

The legislation exempts authorized electoral and referendum content, professional news, and satire from regulation. This exemption, coupled with the absence of independent voices, suggests a deliberate attempt to eliminate public discussion, questioning, and debate that is not funded by the government in power. Such a restriction erodes freedom of speech and enables the consolidation of power without accountability.


The proposed government legislation is an affront to the principles of freedom of information and free speech. By targeting independent sources of information and dissenting voices, the legislation threatens the democratic fabric of Australia. Its lack of interest in truth and the elimination of diverse perspectives are not aligned with the values of a fair and free society. It is crucial to defeat this legislation to safeguard the rights and liberties that are the cornerstone of a truly democratic nation.

Yours sincerely …………………………………..

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