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Freedom of truth news July 31

Hi all,

Please take a look at this correspondence from Jeff Hawkins and below from Stina Kerans and also have a look at this not to long video from Lurnpa (David Cole) which succinctly explains the difference between the Sovereign Tribal Councils and the Corporate Aboriginal Land Councils

From: Jeffrey Hawkins Subject: RE: Action we can take - it's important we are all linked together on a path - this is one path!

Hi Fraser,

Honestly I’m feeling like week-old muddy washing being put through the proverbial “Ringer”.

On a lighter note, I’ve never felt more inspired and hopeful, for myself & uncounted others.

Being only one cog in a widespread movement “machine”,

I’m not personally involved with either David Cole or Darren Bergworth.

However, both names have been mentioned in several group conversations,

so I believe our connections are far wider spread that i’m given to know.

(My focus has been far more specialised, in accordance with my “gifts” or talents)

The addresses for our Notices to Government, proclaiming tribal sovereignty, were completed timely,

And I cannot thank enough (and apologise to) the handful of VERY dedicated helpers who were involved.

My next “assignment” involves the “proofing” of tribal artwork for the flags & Coat-of-Arms to be proclaimed,

Which is vital for current Australian Federal, and International, Legislative recognition.

Definition of Irony:

We expect to have everything ready to be mailed out by 8th August (a tribally significant date),

And to be received by Every Person or Organisation listed no more than a week later.

Public Proclamation of Sovereignty & Declaration of Peace to be announced 28 days later.

The irony of this is the message of Hope and Peace, to come on the ELEVENTH of SEPTEMBER.

If you would be so kind, please pass along the following message from the collected Traditional Elders,

Given to share by MY adopted family & clan, with love from the WALKANDI-WONI of the Murray Riverlands.

Kineman Krinkri Yuntawarrin

Blackfella & Whitefella (Dreaming) Together As One.

Personally, thank you again for your support of allowing me to share this with Freedom of Truth,

And i’m hoping to share details of any upcoming moments of significance as they become available.

Warmest Regards, Jeff.

From: Fraser Buchanan: FW: Action we can take - it's important we are all linked together on a path - this is one path!

Hi Jeff, I hope you are going well.

Stina Kerans who with her husband Garry are founders of Sun Villages “creative collaboration for better living” has sent this through to me and I am forwarding to you, Stina was in attendance at our last Potoroo gig and listened to your address.

Obviously you are all over it but it is a good reaffirming of the state of play which i will send out to the group…

Are you connected with Darren Bergworth from the My Place group as refenced by Lurnpa and how have you gone in getting the addresses you were seeking ?

Regards Fraser

From: Stina Kerans < Subject: Action we can take - it's important we are all linked together on a path - this is one path!

I know some of you are assisting in the preparation to take action along the lines outlined here - it's very exciting and I really appreciate what some of you are doing (you know who you are!)!

"Lurnpa David Cole exposes the Corporate Globalist Australian Government's 'The Voice' scheme to Referendum the People, alter the Constitution, and take away natural sovereign rights of Australians."

As most of you will likely know in 1975 we were unlawfully taken over by a corporation that we are now illegally governed by. I had a letter back in 2008 written by Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs (1917 - 2005) former Chief Justice of the High Court, explaining what had occurred in this country.

I was involved with a number of different groups at the time, and I used this information to very successfully defend myself in a number of areas - mainly with local councils - 2 of them, as well as 'supposed' gov departments, and I even attended court cases in Sydney, just to support.

In my communications (purely used in a need to defend myself and my property) I clearly outlined to the employees that they, as individuals, were liable for taking any action against me or my property. I showed how they were not covered by the corporation they were working for (of course they didn't know any of this, and thought they actually had crown protection in the work they did) and would therefore be personally liable for any harm or loss to me as an individual. I included how I would obtain compensation from them personally.

I also stated they would have no personal protection under any insurance, as they were actually committing treason. I used to attach a number of appendages to support my claims, and I sent it to them personally by registered mail.

NOWADAYS - I'm coming across many who are aware of this information - my hope is that all these folks are in cahoots with each other (the purpose of this email).

If unified, we will be very powerful in our action to inform these innocent 'employed' people (in supposed roles of power over us) and local councils - that they are acting unlawfully and are therefore liable for anything they try to impose on us.

This is specifically important in relation to local councils and the hefty hikes in rates that is stressing a lot of people (amongst other things!). Councils have been made to be a third tier of government - there were two referendums that failed on this issue, and when the third was going to be held around 2010/11 it was obvious that it was going to fail again, so they pulled it. A referendum can only be held 3 times. I watched this whole process unfolding and wished I had kept a copy of the instructions to Councillors that came onto my Council's website for a brief time, telling them what they were to say to their constituents!

BUT this referendum intent was enacted anyway - so slowly that it becomes imperceivable to the up and coming generations! I watched it all occur in utter disappointment.

There was no point in me continuing down this road with a handful of people (and with Garry not really interested at the time - he is now), but now I am finding that there are many people all following this path, and many are gathering in preparation to take action.

I just hope it's unified and that Lurnpa David is connected to Jeff Hawkins - NSW far South Coast - I don't have Jeff's email - so I hope this can be passed onto him, and to Darren of My Place Australia so that we know they are linked up - and also any others you may know who are following this path of action.


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