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Freedom of Truth news update

News update 16/11/22

Save the date for our upcoming Christmas Gig

We have decided to have a "truthers" Christmas celebration bash at the Candelo town hall on Saturday 10th December from 6pm onward featuring the highly accredited band ChangoTRee who moved to our area a couple of years ago after seeing the writing on the wall down from down in Andrewsville.... they came from the Mornington Peninsula to now reside in Narooma.

Ree Liddell has been an active member of our FOT group and both she and her partner Ian Treloar are well awake...and they sure can play...ChangoTRee also feature one awesome Sax and flute player Casey Greene who has played alongside Vince Jones in a previous life...the three of them can really put it together playing mainly originals with a few covers...they've been described as "an exquisite blend of vocals & guitar artistry, forget the labels or genre, ChangoTRee cross all musical boundaries" We are blessed!

We are looking at options to have catering to make the night complete...haven't made any decisions in that regard as yet but will let everyone know.....for the entry fee excluding any catering we are planing on just covering our costs and so will be charging a bare minimum $20 entry cash or less if you have not...this is especially thanks to ChangoTRee performing at a very discounted rate... and being willing to play for the long haul "with a few breaks of course"

This will be a wonderful night for everyone to come together and celebrate having found each other, it's not only for the unjabbed... it is for all people who are awakening to the realities of our mad house world and are happy to enjoy the good music and a good company.

It is a great opportunity for those who are further afield to come and join us all...particularly our northern neighbors from Narooma/Moruya and beyond and Southerners from Coota to come up for the night..


“changoTRee are - blessed with chameleonic vocals to gutbucket blues to Bonnie Raitt slide-drenched passion”

Rhythms Magazine Feature Writer/Reviewer - Tony Hillier

​"An exquisite blend of vocals & guitar artistry, forget the labels or genre, ChangoTRee cross all musical boundaries"

Frank Davidson / Wangarratta Jazz Blues Festival directordifferent shade of blue

"My personal pick of performers at this years 2017 TFF was changoTRee."Charles

Cheesman,Tablelands Folk Festival Cairns, 2017 Vice President & Merch/Ticketing Coordinator.

​"Where on earth have you been hiding- that was fantastic"

Barry Maxwell, the Blues guru of melb radio 3NRG FM, @ Melb. Docklands Blues/Arts festival


"Wow! People are still talking about your gig two months later. It was the best show over the 2 years I have had the pub. I just wanted to thank you guys again for such a magical night sharing your Oz ROOTS music & spirit w the locals".

John Byrne manager / John The Miner's Hotel, Carrick, Ireland (big thanks to Mr Steve Cooney for organising the show)

Information Movie Nights

We are looking to hire local halls or not such large spaces in our main towns coming up over the Christmas period to show a few feature awakening documentary's ie Monopoly and The Plan and possibly some other short videos ... the idea is we will put posters out around on notice boards and lamp posts to promote to the public, plus on social see such movies can be the catalyst of a real awakening.

We are looking for some kind of movie projector and screen that we can utilize that can be connected to a lap top computer or USB...Does anyone know where we could source such things...does anyone understand the logistics of what we are trying do and what we need ? We are thinking perhaps the Bermagui Community Centre , A community space in Tathra maybe their small town hall ?, Pambula CWA rooms or Hall, Merimbula Scout hall, Eden CWA room or RSL hall ... maybe others ... any suggestions are appreciated.. A good opportunity to keep awakening people during the busy time with lots of people about...

Potoroo following Sunday the 27th

We will be holding our monthly Potoroo gathering on the last Sunday of the month as per usual ...and this time we are encouraging an "Open Mic" forum were everyone who would like to have a say about anything they want.. is asked do so...we have so many highly valued members with so much to offer and possibly going unheard...we will put a time limit on it for each speaker but would love for those with any good ideas to put them out there...

Stop World Control (

MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World? – “Best Documentary Ever!”

"This is the shot that needs to be heard around the world!" - “Should be required viewing by all humans on earth.” - “Brilliant!"

The Plan


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