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Hoody's Visit

Hoody’s Visit…

Pambula Hall Tuesday 7th 6:30pm

Tarraganda Hall Wednesday 8th 6:30pm

Bring a plate to share..

Freedom of Truth News update 1/3/23


Potoroo last Sunday was fantastic with a great turnout of 55 people and some excellent informative addresses made by our speakers

Lynden Ferris who had the simple task of trying to inform people of how the current financial system is operating and how digital and crypto currencies work and the potential impacts a (CBDC) Central Bank Digital Currency could have on the control of humanity…Lynden did a fantastic job with a very trying task.. Questions could have gone on for a longtime so we had to pull it up..but an excellent overview anyway…Lynden is regularly posting relevant information on our Freedom of Truth Telegram page so it is recommend for those who want to know more to check out some of his posts…things certainly are moving rapidly at the moment.

Neil Charnock gave a very informative run down on the history of the current debt based financial system that has brought us to where we are today in a world where private banking cartels have controlled and pretty well have totally dictated the running of the world . Neil explains how this came about over quite a few centuries and his belief that things are now falling apart for the Cabal… his presentation is attached for everyone’s information and here is a link via Telegram

Jeff Hawkins who is standing as an independent candidate for the seat of Bega in this up coming election in just over 3 weeks gave us an address on a few things he has been working on with others regarding Cusip (the straw man) and claiming the income generated in our name under a corporate entity…these funds never comes to the living man or woman…Jeff has been onto this for quite some time and there are others from all over the world pursuing the same..Jeff & Craig Malcolm pursued it last year on behalf of our group but it manifested into something way larger and a couple of QC’’s backed away with the magnitude, is how I read it anyway, perhaps I am wrong though..

Jeff also highlighted a proposed affordable housing scheme he is involved in where ultimately there will be 1000 affordable dwellings built and provided into the our region including Eurobodalla & Bega Valley.. Jeff say things are progressing rapidly with significant funding having already been secured and sites have been identified for these developments …for more information about the proposal contact Jeff on 0478229326 or

State Government election

As stated Jeff is standing as an independent candidate (a fully awake Freedom fighter) he urgently needs a minimum of 40 individuals to fill out his nomination form which is here via our Telegram page but is also attached with this email in a PDF with the other attachments…

He needs these nominations filled in and back to him by next Tuesday 7th at the latest, the nomination forms were not available until last Sunday which is typical you would have to consider, giving independents or non party affiliated candidates the hardest road to travel, so please treat this with urgency and print off page 1 & fill out your nomination and either scan and return to Jeff via email or text it if that works for you or perhaps Jeff can pick them up from Hoody’s presentation on Tuesday night at the Pambula Hall or make an arrangment with Jeff otherwise…the cost of Jeff’s candidacy is $250 and perhaps someone would like to help with a donation to that cost, but the priority is to get 40 nomination signatories.

Jeff, if he gets nominated will be needing scrutineers on the election day to oversee the counting process at each of the booths, and as we know strange things have been happening at election throughout the world with results going strongly against those who are standing up for Freedom/Sovereignty and human rights, one would almost believe it was corrupt…

Forest of the Fallen

Jody has been at it again with her displays of the Forest of the Fallen which has brought a lot of attention to victims of the jabs…some people thought it was a display of people who had lost their lives to Covid but when they realised it was jab victims they said they had no idea… and said they won’t be getting another one.

Jody did Fishpen last Wednesday and much to her surprise the Police, 4 of them rolled up and questioned her as to why she picked the particular spot she chose, her response was “it is sunny & grassy and a nice spot why?” They questioned whether she was targeting a particular house across the road which happened to be a local Chemists place…..Jody said she had no idea…the Police were perplexed…it seems the chemist may have been a bit paranoid and notified the police…the police said oh OK, given that…it was therefore out of their hands and was a council matter and left…the council rangers then rolled up and Jody has now filled out an application for approval to display in a public place…which they say will take up to 4 weeks to get determined…OMG the world we live in!

Other than those couple of little hiccups it was a very successful display with lots of positive responses.

And not to have her spirits dampened Jody did the display at Short Point on the Saturday and had an excellent response will no dramas at all.. and over 100 people walking through and looking at them…well done to Jody and her helpers again

Candelo markets

This Sunday we will be at the markets doing our thing from 7:30 come and help out.. it is always fun and the more the merrier


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