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If you lead with Love.. Light will follow..

Freedom of Truth News Update 3/2/23


Potoroo last weekend was a great success with a nice gathering of people and both Hala Franka and Kym Bushmanlove delivering great addresses to an appreciative audience…for those wanting to chase up Hala here is her website and here is some info on Kym’s AO Scan Technology device Kym is more than happy for people interested to give her a call and basically she can give an assessment over the phone Kym’s ph # 0438551698

Candelo Markets

The Candelo markets are on again this Sunday and as always should be good…

After some discussion and consideration we have decided to continue with the markets as it has been such a positive experience for the majority who have dedicated time to this cause.

We appreciate that this is not for everyone and we are mindful of how we are being received and the message that we are trying to convey.

The positives that we take from doing them are:-

A light to those that are already awake and have felt completely isolated and alone until they find us

Bringing awareness to an agenda that is being rolled out before our very eyes with solutions to push back and offering up a much better way to live as individuals and as a collective

Hugs love compassion and care to the many people who have shared their own jab injury stories with us offering hope and healing

We are hugely grateful that this topic has come up and we always welcome individual thoughts and feelings as it gives us all on opportunity to take stock and see if we can do things in a better way.

It is and can be very overwhelming when all we are hearing and focusing on is the negative and we implore everyone to take time away and make it your absolute priority everyday to do the things that lift your spirit, bring you joy, fun, laughter and feed your soul.....create the life you want everyday.

When we finish a markets we come away feeling very empowered as there are more and more people positively engaging with us and helping or just listening to those who’ve suffered vaccine injuries really helps them feel they have found some support… so come along and join in, its always a fun day…we’re there from 7;30

Councils rate impost

Members of our Freedom group Suzanne Lindhorst, Joasia Franki and a group ofothers rallied and generated two excellent petitions that had around 1600 signatures combined, on top of this there were over 1000 written submissions presented to council and a great verbal address from non other that the Queen of freedom and love Vicki McCready who made it clear to them about the impacts on our community of such an impost…Despite this the Bega Valley “corporation” Council voted on Wednesday to go forth and apply to IPART for a rate increase of 20% this year with another 23% next year this is a far cry from their veiled threat of a straight up 90% increase, they are claiming there will be significant service reductions as a result because apparently even with a 43% increase over 2 years they will still be going broke, funny how their staff numbers have doubled in the last decade…hopefully IPART will require them to show in house savings and efficiency gains or even better an independent operational review before considering approving this application…Well done to those involved a great effort…

My Place initiative is a newly formed group who are amassing Australia wide in quick time; here is their objective “The goal for "‘My Place’, is to implement a project that allows us to step away from the current systems that are not serving our best interests. As we all come together and share our skills, knowledge, and support, we can gradually build the individual sectors where the services can be accessed by all. “Rather than fighting the old, we walk away & create the new”. This now creates an opportunity for all of us to be actively involved in creating our future. We are planning as our Freedom of Truth group in joining this group to help expand our networking ability…People can and should consider joining also as individuals…. Have a look at this interview on Cafe Locked Out with Michael and Darren Bergwerf and then the next one with the Lawyer from Newcastle very inspiring and interesting

Important petitions to sign

The W.H.O wants to become a legislative authority instead of an advisory board, giving them extraordinary powers that are binding on all Australians. It is time our withdrew from the WHO all together please check this link out and fill out this petition and send it off to as many MP’s as you can simply follow the steps they are all there

Also here is a petition calling for a royal Commission & Enquiry into Australia’s Covid 19 response

Bega Food Share

Rian is at it again with tomorrows Food Share happening at Kisses Lagoon Carpark Bega from 9;30-11am with lots of quality fresh produce available including herbs etc ..Come along regardless of whether you have something to share or not… sharing the good vibes and love is the most important deal..

Gordon & Sue

As you may or may not be aware group members Gordon Sanger & Sue Demarco suffered the loss of their home during the bushfires and have subsequently had a three year battle to get re-established and have their house rebuilt and unfortunately the company who were commissioned to build their recycled plastic, dome, earth covered house have ripped them off and left them with a shell of a place totally incomplete and no money! Devastating!

The crowd has disappeared off the face of the earth, taken their money and run….

What Gordon & Sue need at this point of time is approximately $40k to be able to insulate the house with a specific thermal spray type insulation and then seal the structure before earth can be put over it.

Anglicare in Cobargo are helping them set up a Go Fund Me account to enable donations to be made to try and garner the required funds….What we can do as individuals is contribute to this fund as soon as it is available and also as a group we can get involved hands on and help with doing the earth covering of the house, this is great opportunity to help a couple of our own who have not only suffered through the loss of their home during the fires but also to be ripped off afterward in the reconstruction phase which is devastating.

Gordon attended our gathering last week and was understandably feeling depressed but after speaking to a few people and feeling the positive energy and desire from us to help it really uplifted him…They are being interviewed on ABC radio to tell their story and also 7;30 report are endeavoring to do a story…so I will send out the details of the Go Fund Me account as soon as it is established.

It will be a wonderful opportunity for us to get down and dirty help these wonderful people..

If you lead with Love..Light will follow..


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