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Our year in review..

Freedom of Truth 2022 Summary

2022 a year to forget or a year to remember ?

Reality is ….no doubt a year no-one will ever forget!

A couple of years of grand awakening for many people and for others confirmation of what they already were awake to…and for many others ignorance has prevailed…

And in among all of this our Freedom of Truth group has rallied as a united force with many others across the country and globe to try and awaken the masses and turn a misdirected ship back on course…huge efforts on behalf of many people all with the common cause..

Nothing like adversity to bring people together and nothing like the care of humanity from those who see our rights and freedoms being whisked away to stand and fight for our kids and future generations..

This year we have undertaken local freedom rallies, numerous servings of documents to doctors, hospitals, chemists, politicians, police and letters to schools plus most of us attended the largest protest gatherings in the history of the country in Canberra…we have engaged in local government, state government and federal government election processes held meet the candidate nights which no-one else was doing….we stood handing out for our freedom fighting politicians day in and day out….we held “stand in the park” gatherings….we’ve done massive flyer letterbox drops covering each town…..we did markets and are continuing to do so…we are about to commence showing movies in public halls to help educate the people..

It is quite obvious that through this Covid fiasco that many people have and are waking up to the tyrannical agenda that is before us…this is very positive…

Each time we do the markets there is an ever increasing amount of peoples who approach us willingly wanting to share their understanding of it with us….and or reveal their adverse reaction or human rights stories ….never before in our time has there been such a thing divide or polarize the people.. Amazing times indeed..

We have put a focus on developing group gardens to provide sustainability and group bonding for us, many people have been prepping for tougher times which potentially lay ahead…we are establishing health and well-being support networks and had plans for alternate schooling which regrettably has not come to pass…some parents are doing home schooling. We have had a lot of plans but not all have fallen into place ..but we can only do what we can do…

We had the Big Gig organized earlier in the year but unfortunately that didn’t eventuate due to timing issues with elections and a few logistical hurdles thrown up at the eleventh hour ….

We have been well supported by our amazing websites which peaked with 23,000 viewings in one day and over a 30 day period reached 114,000 people amazing stuff and then more recently the development of our personalized website both created by our “anonymous secret agent”….The FOT one now under the guidance of Paul Caruana

The social media networking with our Freedom sites on various platforms has been phenomenal…definitely a massive mechanism of information sharing be it true or not …the only certainty is that mainstream media won’t give you the truth so they can be counted out with confidence… the rest you just have to use your gut and keep digging…

There are so many people to thank for their wonderful efforts to help the cause over the past few years… as the saying goes many hands make light work, everyone has contributed one way or another, some tirelessly in whatever angle they are focused on…that is what happens when there is a unified cause that people care about…

People could be singled out for specifics but that is not the deal, its about the end game achieving our objective of creating a better world and future for everyone….

One thing I have learnt is that we already live in an existence of heaven and wonder…it is all within each and everyone of us we just need to tap into it as much as possible and live it… make sure you do the things you enjoy the most..

Love and light to everyone…and have a wonderful Christmas…


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