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Potoroo Palace under threat..

Hi people,

As you may or may not be aware the DPI have been coming down heavily on Potoroo since they brought two dingoes from a park that was closing down up north which was appealing for somewhere to take these couple of dogs otherwise they would likely be put down …..Potoroo having had dingoes previously put out the olive branch….so in quick time it all happened the person who was looking after them brought them down and stayed with them for a period of time to make sure they were settled enough for him to go.

This was all in advance of Potoroo gaining the required approvals from the DPI…they considered this could be dealt with retrospectively, but alas it has opened a can of worms and the outset is that DPI are requesting verification of Potoroo’s experience and skills to manage such a facility… or if not satisfactorily quantified to the DPI they potentially face being closed for a period of 2 months, which would be devastating for all concerned including the wildlife ….so at the request of Alexandra I have written a letter of support on our groups behalf which is attached.

I encourage anyone else to also put a letter of support forward, feel free to use the information from the attached letter or just amend it and sign it as it is , letters can be forwarded to Alexandra or Nicho at, Letters need to be to Alexandra by 28th this month so Wednesday this coming week

Potoroo support letter
Download DOCX • 15KB


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