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State Election this Saturday

Jeff Hawkins independent candidate for the seat of Bega

We have a few options to consider when voting for the Upper house Senate (Legislative Council) and the Lower house Local member (Legislative Assembly) but you have to vote for both….

The obvious choice for our local seat is our group member…freedom candidate Jeff Hawkins who is fully awake to the globalist agenda and is basing his platform on….

From Jeffrey

Family Security is an obvious need, and by addressing the causes (social, community & financial), we (collectively) can strengthen the pillars upon which our community is built. I strive to truly represent the voters.

Specifically for the people, I’m offering to work on the three most mentioned issues, which are:

Jobs Training & Employment Security.

Restoring our local Health Services with front-line support.

Affordable Housing, with reduced "Cost of Living".

Resisting the globalist agenda 2030 smart City’s initiatives ,

No Lockdowns, No Mandates, Freedom of Choice

In the Upper House Senate an obvious choice is Riccardo Bosi and his team of independents in the Australia One team you can go ahead and just Vote 1 in group U… they stand a great chance only requiring aprox 4-5% of the vote to get a spot.

Its time to turn the corner and bring on the Good Reset and to do that we need political representatives who are there for the right reasons…people who are awake to the unfolding globalist agenda and the criminality and corruption and atrocities that have been going on for way to long, people who are going to stand up and fight on these issues and fight for our freedoms and rights not the globalists. Riccardo has been calling all this out from the outset.


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