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The eyes are useless if the mind is blind..

Freedom of Truth news 21/6/23

Potoroo gathering this Sunday

Starting at 11 sharp Marc Clayton is giving us an overview on the nature & construction of a new constitution.. Marc says “ I am not advocating or suggesting a parallel government system. We have many groups who are advocating or expecting government change, whether it be reverting to the 1901 Constitution, expecting a world wide clean-out of corruption with far reaching outcomes or something between. It is also suggested that there will be a Constitutional Convention in 2024. That many of you may be aware of.” 

”With the rash of resignations or "retiring" ministers, premiers, MP's and other officers, it is becoming clear to me that some level of change of governance is in the wind. I think it could very well be in the area of changing the Constitution - legally and in Convention”. 

”What I am preparing to do is offer an 8-10 session seminar on the nature and construction of a constitution. It will start with the reason and need for one, and finish with a workshop on actually writing or constructing one. The meat of the seminar will be a survey on the background origin and content  of the U.S. and Australian Constitutions to prepare for the final exercise. The desired outcome, at the very least, is a clearer understanding of our constitution, and at the very best, a prepared people for involvement and influence on a new one. With the wide variety of views, I hope to keep this on a level of gaining knowledge and understanding of what and how changes might be constructively achieved.”

This should be very interesting to get an overview of where Marc is coming from…

Diane Gia Gleeson is going to give us a presentation on the benefits of Reiki, Bio Magnets & Energy Healing which reconnects you to your DNA…Diane has had many years as a Reiki teacher and has explored and is experienced in many different alternate natural health methodologies…. This will be most interesting

Potoroo the business itself is struggling bigtime and needs as much support as we can muster… the costs of running the place ever increasing and regulation getting more arduous, it is getting to a point of not being viable…If anyone has any brainstorming ideas please bring them along because it would be a real shame to lose such a great attraction & facility…

Vale... Tankred

It is with great sadness to highlight the death of Tankred who just about everyone knows from the markets.. Tankred’s Burragate Organics has been an integral part of all the markets in the shire for many years. He unfortunately had a quad bike accident at his property at Burragate about a week ago… Tankred was fully awake and supported our cause comprehensively…he was always dishing out our flyers and more recently the Light News papers…..Tankred would call a spade a spade and didn’t mince his words, he didn’t care if he scared a few people off he wasn’t backward at coming forward with his views…I heard him at the the last Pambula market say to a customer “ these pumpkins have thin skins Not like mine.. Haha “

I don’t know when his service may be but I have put some feelers out and will put something out if I find out…. RIP legend

The Voice

It is important to get as good an understanding of the Voice as possible and given the governments lack of willingness to be open and transparent about it by providing comprehensive information on both sides of the debate to the public, it is not surprising the public are now doing a lot of there own digging to get an understanding and what is being proposed. Because of the governments vagueness on behalf of what it will actually mean , people are now becoming very sceptical of it.

It is becoming apparent that making changes to the constitution requires a great deal of clarity as the constitution is our overarching doctrine of how our country is to function identifying our rights and protections…To make changes without absolute knowledge of the impacts would seem reckless and inappropriate….It certainly can be argued that we are not operating under our legitimate constitution anyway…but that doesn’t give any justification for supporting any changes regardless

Here are a few links to some recent good articles and videos shedding more light on the potential ramifications


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