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Freedom of Truth News Update 1/12/22

A nice afternoon session at Potoroo was had by all that attended on a weekend that produced some of the nicest weather (despite a five minute shower that made us scurry) that we have had leading up to the official start of summer..

Thanks to Craig Malcolm we were blessed with a phone hook up with Senator Gerard Rennick who we gave a warm welcome and thanked him for his amazing work and efforts in revealing the truth behind the Covid farce and outrageous imposts on those who chose to not go down the vaccine line...One very telling point he made was that he knows politicians who have either suffered themselves or their family members have suffered adverse or worse reactions from the vaccines... The trouble it would seem is that if any of them speak up they will by default be drawing all the others who are pleading ignorance into the realm of acknowledging their awareness of the vaxes causing harm and worse...they would rather pretend they don't know...stick with the herd..

Anyway all credit to Craig who with the help of a few others prepared a letter highlighting all the stats about deaths & adverse reactions and the amount of multi vaxed presenting to hospital compared to the unvaxed and calling for a halt to the vaccine rollout seems Craig got some solid feedback from some he targeted and certainly some positive stuff from Gerard Rennick.. Craig certainly has a way of speaking freely and engaging with what he describes as people of influence all within critical timing..😉

Why are we the only species that pays to live on earth?

Rian has been flat out hop scotching around the country side and in amongst it has come up with this great concept after posing that very question...

"Greetings Localists, I have been wondering lately, why is it that we are the only species that must pay to live on this planet? I know, that is a massive can of worms opening up right there and a conversation for another day but it did get me thinking about creating ways around having to pay for everything.

Voila!! The Bega Food Share idea was born. We will gather on the 1st Saturday of each month ( Dec 3rd) near the Bega skate park on Carp st and swap and share a range of items related to food and gardening. The only limits are set by our imaginations.

All welcome here....We understand there may be days when you might not have anything to share or swap...that does not matter to us. We want to build a network of support and connection in our Neighbourhood. Our vision sees a group of people coming together, getting to know each other and seeing what we co-create as a group

Wondering what to share?

Garden greens

Veg & fruit....lemons anyone?



Seeds & seedling

Kombucha scoby

Sourdough starter

Kefir grains

Room to Grow..... If there is an interest and a need we can make this whatever we want it to be, including clothing, household items, tools etc

Freedom of Truth website

Get on and have a look at our website.. it is fast becoming a fantastic tool for sourcing information about what we as a group are up to with all our news releases and where local food producers can be a Health and Well-being area where a range of alternate healers will soon to be found ...the website covers local and wider issues of relevance to us developing a better normal..

Freedom of Truth Christmas Gig

Well it looks like the band is not the only top line feature of the night but we now have a menu for the food on offer courtesy of Lee Hawkins and Janet ......... who are taking it to the next level

Hot Food

Sausage rolls

Spinach Ricotta

Sweet Potato Lentils (Vegan)

Mini Fritatas

Cold food

Antipasto skewers

Nori rolls

Pin wheels

BBQ Lentil balls


Mediterranean Cous Cous

Lentil salad

Pasta salad regular

Pasta salad gluten free


Variety of Muffins with cream/ice cream

Christmas Punch.....

OK so if you are not coming for the music you are definitely coming for the food

Lee is known to excel and it looks like she's at it again...

Movie nights are falling into place

We have just acquired a nice little projector and a boom box to go with it...which also has two cordless microphones perfect for our gatherings...makes it easy to pass the mic's around...we have the Bermagui Community Center tentatively organised for Wednesday 27th December as an initial first off venue to show Monopoly as a first up a great intro into the understanding of how the media is controlled and who hold the purse strings....a nice one to start the awakening of mass deception and for those who want more they can then stay and watch The Plan or Second Opinion or another ...dare we play Died Suddenly


Thanks to those putting our flyers out in letterboxes we are getting some positive feedback, I have had a few people who had received them contact and thank us encouraging us to keep up the good work.

Lee Clarke has initiated us purchasing 1400 Jab Injuries Australia booklets ...this booklet is a platform that encourages and allows for people to share their experiences which have mainly being ignored by GP's and the is a network for people to share and support each other . We will be dishing these out at our Market stalls and encourage people in the group who are wanting to dish out flyers to dish these out as well, we are currently waiting on their arrival, should be here for the weekend hopefully..

Candelo Market

This months Candelo market is on this Sunday and usually one of the biggest for the year, so come and join us and help spread the word about the globalist agenda we'll be there from 7;30....

Here is a great short video well worth sharing "Johnny's cash and smart money nightmare" this explains so much for those who can't see the picture..


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