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Winning the Spiritual War

Freedom of Truth news 14/6/23

Well the spiritual war is well and truly being played out and despite all that has been imposed upon us over the the past few years cracks are appearing in the dam wall…more and more info is leaking into the main stream about the massive increase in numbers of deaths since the vax rollout and the injuries people have suffered… People are witnessing blatant bald faced lies being exposed in the political sphere that have blind Freddie starting to question the credibility of the government, (surely heads must roll)

People are questioning what is the real agenda behind The Voice (polls now show over 50% are against)…

Why is the government wanting to bring mass immigration into Australia when we have our own people struggling to survive?…With the blowouts in the cost of living, fuel, power, interest rates & council rates, everything going up & up… They’re punishing those with minimal as usual…The transgender agenda and sexualising of minors is also disturbing to the masses.. People are getting pissed off.

It is within these areas it is easy to find common ground with the majority of people who are all being directly affected, this opens the door to expand conversation and suggest most of it is by design all part of the globalist grand plan to bring in a one world government and a communist system of controlling and ruling the masses, bit of a big step for many but with everything happening people are starting to take note of what we’re saying.

I even had the honcho of the Rotary club markets at Pambula come up and talk pleasantly to me and show a bit of interest in what we’re suggesting to people… I really feel things are shifting and despite the globalists plans to surge forth with their next round of draconian measures I think many people will be ready to push back and looking for some strength and guidance from people like us the Truthers…

We need to exude positivity in the public arena.. raise and maintain a high vibration, enjoy the moments the things you want to do and raise your spirit, this is the way to show others all is good on our side of the fence…live your dream don’t let the negativity bring you down…be aware but rise above…Smell the roses

I’m getting carried away..

Most of you are very spiritually in tune and well aware of how to handle your lives…but it is nice to know we are a group of like minded people going through this great awakening together and we’re here to support each other as it unfolds.

Pambula markets

Last week the market was probably the largest market of the year other than the Christmas one and it was very good for us again with a lot of people asking questions and engaging…Zero negativity from anyone

Jody set up her Forest of the Fallen on the Saturday over at Ford Park Merimbula which was well received and this week she’s going again… this time on Sunday at Ford Park again but just outside the boundary of the market as they refuse us entry, Jody has a council approval to use the land so she has every right, we are going to join with her and set up our Freedom of Truth marque stall handing out info etc… this will be from 7;30 through the morning so come along and help…

Potoroo Sunday week

This months Potoroo gathering will be on Sunday the 25th June with various speakers Including Diane Gleeson who will be talking about Bio Magnets & possibly Reiki. Diane has been training up on the Bio magnets with Flor Amanowicz in Sydney so it should be very interesting…

We also have Marc Clayton addressing us on the concept of an alternate parallel government system for everyone’s consideration given we are looking for significant change.. we have to be that change so all this needs to be fleshed out.

Peoples Health Alliance

Rian Smith at Potoroo is also going to give us an overview of the (PHA) The Peoples Health Alliance NSW Far South Coast which is now up and running.. It is locally supporting all alternate health providers and the people, It is for the People by the People. An organic, people-led, integrated health initiative that aims to educate, support and empower people to take responsibility for their own health.


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