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"a little help from my friends"

"A little help from my friends”

Fundraiser- Gig for Sue & Gordon all systems go! Book Now!

We’re locked in, booked at the Iconic Murrah hall, we have three awesome bands volunteering to perform, we have the best sound gear available the best lighting, an outside fire and plenty of BBQ food provided and all happening at the funkiest venue on the coast..

All we need now is a mega crowd which won’t be hard to rouse… have a look at the band overviews and book your tickets here…

Mick and Laura’s wonder garden

We are heading out to Mick, Laura & Charlies place at Wolumla on Sunday the 16th April (next weekend) to get into the garden and give them a hand to pull some weeds or whatever is required as a show of appreciation for them preparing and having given us a wonderful garden bed, we’ll look to get out there and start at 10;30, so bring some picnic food and some hand tools if you have any..

Forest of the Fallen

Jody has received her approval from the Council to do her displays…Well done Jody for persisting with all the red tape

Council didn’t take six months… well done to them, only one month

Forest of the Fallen was again a great magnet for us doing our globalist agenda stuff at the Candelo markets last weekend. The displays were drawing them in, people couldn’t walk past without taking a look and we again had lots of awake (not woke) people talking to us.

Jody will be taking advantage of the tourists being around this weekend and will be doing a display at Short Point Merimbula on Sunday Weather permitting, it looks like a strong southerly on the day, Short point will be somewhat protected, Jody will be needing support if you are available please come along and help her get them into the ground or just hang around as support ….starting at 6;30

Pambula Market

We are not doing this Sunday’s market as a few are unavailable, instead we can give our support to Jody at Short Point..

Pro Forma letters

Letters regarding amendments to IHR International Health Regulations and the World Health Organizations Health treaty…

Given the major concerns about the WHO’s desire to take control of all health management throughout the world and the fact they are trying to force all member country’s to agree to handing over this control within a very near timeline we have prepared some letters to be sent off to our local Federal member Kristy McBain plus other members of parliament. We have a very simple in layman’s terms version to go into the local papers and to be shared with your friends or on social media.

There are three versions attached from basic to more detailed to quite detailed, please use them. My guess is that the most basic one could be used everywhere including sending to your politicians (as most are not intellectual giants)….print them off and drop them in letterboxes or put them on noticeboards around town…get them up on Social media as they are good…thanks to Lynden for formulating them with a bit of help from modern technology.. Enjoy your weekend !

Letters re WHO IHR amendments
Download DOCX • 12KB

Fundraiser Gig (003)
Download PDF • 338KB


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