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Birth of Eden Education Hub?

Birth of Eden Education Hub ?

Some of our wonderful Freedom of Truth members headed by Christine Cook have been working away behind the scenes trying to manifest a new alternate education hub for the benefit of the whole region.... "from cradle to the whole of life" A new teaching learning system that caters for everyone outside of the mainstream system ...They are looking to res-erect the St Joey's school buildings in Eden which was originally established by another wonderful truther Mary Mckillop back in 1891...St Joseph's served the community of Eden for 110 years before its unfortunate closure in 2012 when Lumen Christi took on primary school students and curriculum at that time...the school buildings are in a very prominent location in Eden right behind the shops looking to the north across the bay....the owners of the property have indicated in principle support for the concept and now Christine and her team which includes Laura Flett, Vicki McCreadie, Janet Ross, Peta Condon, Michaela Rouch, Patrick (St Joey's caretaker) & Lloyd Urquart who all have a variable range of skills are calling a public meeting to gauge the community interest in the project so please if you are interested do attend and show your support for this wonderful venture....Truthers bringing us the new better world..


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