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Freedom Of Truth "Diggin in"

Freedom of Truth News..... Everyone is diggin in !

Last Sunday saw a large turnout at Les & Elisha's place to prepare their garden for the upcoming season and learn a bit about preserving and to make Apple cider vinegar. Plus we were blessed with some of Jenny's vast knowledge as always in the garden but also on how to grow Mung beans & sprouts at home in the kitchen...

During the week Elisha had made a dangerous suggestion of making "pulled' roast beef rolls for everyone for lunch...and then asked me "how many people do you think will come?" I said given the rolls we could be in for any number ...and sure enough people traveled from afar...there were about 20 all up and bingo within a couple of hours the garden had transformed ready for the new season....15 wheel barrow loads of thistle riddled weeds and the goats were very happy...they love those thistles....

Les & Elisha's garden is fantastic, fully covered with raised garden beds made mainly from either old water tanks or cut up silo's...working at a height that is comfortable for your back..

There is something very satisfying about working as a group to help members get things done...before you know it with everyone's heads down and bums up ..chin wagging away stand up and look around and go WOW look what we've done..

Elisha (Lee) has asked i share a message from her she sent me after the day....

💞🙏💞Dear Friends, thankyou so very much for helping out in our veggie garden today.. it was a great effort by all & as the saying goes " many hands make light work" it was so nice to catch up with you all, although briefly, as on reflection this afternoon driving to work I realised it was just the thing I needed 💞💞 beautiful souls and beautiful energy from you all..... this has reinvigorated my spirit and my faith in people. This is the true spirit of what Community actually is and means.... supporting each other, working together for a Common interest and outcome, learning and sharing new skills... and also just being there for one another, to know that we can call, talk, rant when needed to each other 😍 our garden received wonderful love and intentions to grow nutritious veggies, herbs and fruit.... that can be shared, preserved and enjoyed... Mother earth certainly put on her Sunday best for us to help make this beautiful day for a gathering of gardening folks possible. 🥰💞🌻💫🙏 Our door is always open if anyone needs to talk (txt me) or just come sit in a quiet area or potter in the garden... Again thankyou all 💞🌻💞 Lee (elisha) & Les 💖

Next Sunday 28th we are having a Potoroo gig starting at 11am for the meeting till 12:30 and then lunch and open discussion afterward please bring your ideas and good spirits and enjoy being with like minded people...and if anyone would like to address the group on any issues please feel free...Abi is going to brief us on self empowerment and will be looking for people wanting to workshop it after lunch for those interested...the committee will be meeting prior to Sunday to hone in on where we are heading as a group, what initiatives are important to us and fine tune the projects in the pipeline so that we can share and discuss on Sunday.

As always, suggestions and feedback are always welcome and appreciated.

The Eden Education Hub group had their first public meeting on Monday just past and Christine Cook tells me it was a great success with 30 adults turning up and many children as well, 45 people in total... There is plenty of interest in getting another education facility particularly an alternative to the mainstream curriculum down there, the Eden community felt ripped off when St Josephs primary school which had been a huge part of their community was shut in 2012 ....The towns folk would love to see it once again come to life as an education facility.

Christine highlighted to me how important it is to get started with the children from 0-3 yrs as this is a foundational age & stage in their learning lives...Christine tells me that basically following the Montessori principles and starting with the kids at this early age encouraging them to think and work things out for themselves sets them up way ahead of conventional mainstream schooling...all the kids who have started this way are leaps and bounds ahead and are standouts if they every move across to conventional... Definitely sounds like the way forward for a better future for everyone.. Christine say they are already capable of starting the 0-3 yr age group and have numbers they are looking for a location to get started whilst going through the process of trying to achieve the bigger school objective..... Stay tuned more to come as things unfold..


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