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Freedom of Truth media release 13/9/22

Freedom of Truth media release 13/09/22

Call for green thumbs

We met out at Mick and Laura's place just west of Wolumla the other day to consider how and where we were going to install the 30 metre long growing tunnel...after discussion we have decided that rather than installing or even using the existing one that's already in place, we'll likely be better off growing produce particularly at this time of year more successfully along side of the existing tunnel in the open, specifically because the heat and humidity that is likely within the tunnel during peak summer given the prediction for a potentially wet season, it could be a real problem for mould and other things that could destroy our veges....

So with this in mind tomorrow Wednesday 14th Jenny and Connie are heading out to further weed and prepare this outside bed...i know they would love some assistance so if you are available call either Jenny or Connie and head out....

We discussed the fact that for this to be successful we need commitment from a certain amount of people who will regularly go and attend the garden...we do not want to just plant it and then not look after it.....If you want the benefit of the produce then you need to put in....Connie and Jenny have so far made commitments to this garden but we need more and we do not want to plant it out and then leave it to Mick & Laura to do the will take a couple of groups of perhaps two to rotate and water and weed as required, its not a lot of work , it is very sociable and satisfying.....So please put your hand up or we may have to let this one go....the reality is if we get this going successfully it may well be that we gradually expand...but our objective is to start small and grow from there.

Pambula market & beyond

Another very successful market stall was undertaken at Pambula last Sunday with a great entourage of truthers in attendance and passing by throughout the morning, we have really hit on a good methodology of engaging with the people...focussing on the Great Reset and Agenda 2030...dropping focus on Covid 19 and the Vaccines....possing Questions to the public about what they know about our governments commitment to to this agenda etc...people are a whole lot more receptive to this style of approach...Lee & Rian are also putting a focus on informing people who may have suffered vaccine ill effects that there are ways to heal or overcome these issues...Lee had several people engage with her who had had quite significant ill effects...We are not doing the Merimbula market this weekend as both Rian & Lee are away and this weekend is the "Global Walk Out" protest held in each of our hopefully we will have people attending in Canberra..

Upgrading our Flyers

We are currently upgrading our main flyer which was the "millions march" one done by Linda Eather and Sue DeMarco. this was excellent and served us well as you remember we did a massive letterbox drop throughout the shire ...well we are at it again although this time upgrading them putting the focus on the Great Reset and Agenda 2030..."you'll own nothing & be happy " and "humans are are now hackable animals" etc stuff that will concern all people jabbed or not...Linda is at it again...many thanks to Rian for her ongoing drive and enthusiasm making these things happen...

Upgrading Placards

We are also getting some of our placards upgraded to reflect this approach rather than the vaccine and Covid focus

Some examples

Do you want to live in a Smart City with 24hr surveillance (facial recognition and monitoring by drones) ?

What is Agenda 2030?

. Cashless society

. Social credit system

. Robot labour

. Abolition of private property

. Climate lockdowns

. Destruction of farming as we know it

. Deliberate by design food shortages

. Eat synthetic meat and grubs n bugs

. globalist control over all food

. All GM Organic

. Power crisis everywhere

. Cost of living through the roof

. "The human brain is hackable, your thoughts are no longer private" - Yuval Harari

If anyone has any cracker sayings you think we should use please send them to us....


Here below is a piece that brings us back to sanity and where we need to put our focus

We can easily get swept up in a raging river of anger when we explore how they are destroying humanity on the hunt for god-like control. Every part of our society is so manipulated, so programmed, so demoralised. They have us stuck in a pendulum swing - from one extreme to the next, because that is the best way to control those of us who would otherwise have the knowledge & courage to do something.

Acting out of strong emotion, particularly anger, blinds us & makes us easy to manipulate. Stop & think. We must act smart, we must act differently in this war.

Revolution starts with us. It starts with bettering ourselves, healing ourselves from the demoralisation & toxicity of this system. It starts when we show people a better way. This is the only way to build back strength & unity & unity is how we win.

Focus on what we can create outside the system rather than sitting in their toxic waste pool of anger, hatred & bitterness, wasting our time & our energy. That’s what they want, but we are better than that.


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