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Freedom of Truth Media Update

Freedom of Truth Media update

Potoroo Summary...

Yesterday we had a fabulous presentation from our wonderful guest from Sydney with her own testimonial with the use of both Bio-magnets and Chlorine Dioxide on her healing journey, it was most enthralling everyone got a lot from it....

We have updated the info page on Chlorine Dioxide to help anyone either starting out or who now may have confusion regarding the differences between MMS and CDS.

We have created a step by step page (attached below) that makes it very easy to follow and tells the story of how MMS was first discovered by Jim Humble and then later why and how CDS was created by Andreas Kalcker....this page covers everything with links to a multitude of video testimonial evidence and descriptions of many ailments having been treated with incredible success..

Both MMS and CDS can and are used as stand- alone or together and/or for different conditions/protocols or different individuals depending on health issue and tolerance level to either product and are used complementary to one another.

For those that have issues taking MMS internally switching to CDS may hold the key for you.

You absolutely need to spend time going through the information so you can get a very clear understanding!

The protocol language for MMS and CDS is different but they can be converted either way.

MMS main protocols are described as Protocol 1000, 1000 Plus, 2000 and 3000 (See Jim Humble Health Recovery Guide .. attached below)

CDS main protocols are described as Protocols from A to Z ie: Protocol A Protocol B etc (See Andreas Kalckers Forbidden Health Guide .. attached below)

As suggested in her presentation to get started you should buy one pack each of these

There is a lot to learn and that can feel overwhelming but like anything new if you go through step by step it becomes easier and once you start to use Chlorine Dioxide your knowledge and understanding grows and then you can teach others.

You need to first empower yourself so that you can empower others.

Lee is prepared to get small groups together to share some of her broad health knowledge and the using of Chlorine Dioxide for water purification but it will only be available to people who have taken time to go through the info and have a sound understanding of what Chlorine Dioxide is and wish to empower themselves.

Chlorine Dioxide is sold as a water purification treatment one must consider the importance of having the absolutely purist water in our systems and given we are 70% water think of the benefits..

Trailer Billboard Signs

We are getting our trailer billboards redone to reflect the globalist agenda here is what we have come up with we are getting costing atm and will go ahead as soon as we can...our latest brochures have arrived and we will be looking to do some letterbox drops soon . Candelo Markets

This weekend on Sunday we have the Candelo markets and are looking for truthers to come and show support..

Chlorine Dioxide ( MMS and CDS)
Download PDF • 182KB

MMS_Jim Humble HRG_edition-1_October-2016
Download PDF • 10.41MB

Andreas Ludwig Kalcker -CDS Forbidden Health
Download PDF • 4.46MB

ChangoTRee Gig....

In case you haven't heard ChangoTRee are likely the best 3 piece band getting around our area originally from Mornington Peninsula and have played in numerous country's ...with Ree Liddell and her partner Ian who are well and truly awake and one awesome sax and flute player Casey who has played with Vince Jones...these guys who are now based in our area and Ree being part of our group have offered to come and do a gig for us...and we are looking at the 10th December for our Truthers Christmas bash...we are looking for a venue but are thinking perhaps Cowsnest or hiring a hall like Pambula, Nethercote or Taraganda...but one things for sure it will be a hoot of a night and one not to miss ...these guys can seriously "get it on"

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