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Freedom of Truth news 1/6/23

Candelo markets this weekend….

Come along and join in with what is always a great market…we will have Jody and the Forest of the Fallen with us and we’ll be preaching the gospel of the free world options and helping those who are interested in what’s going on become informed and also be of support to those poor victims of the horrendous assault inflicted upon many…

Jody had another very successful (FOF) session at Short Point Merimbula last weekend with lots of support so sure to be the same this Sunday with more & More waking up…

We have hundred of copies of The Light Newspapers to be dished out so for those interested in taking some and strategically leaving them at various locations ie Cafes, Shops or waiting rooms or general stores feel free come and grab as many as you want…

Senator Alex Antic is fighting hard for us all and we need to support him

Earlier this year, he spoke about his concerns regarding the World Health Organisation proposed “Pandemic Treaty” and amendments to the International Health Regulations which are currently being negotiated.

As you may know, in early 2022, the United States proposed thirteen amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

Twelve of those amendments were eventually withdrawn, but one amendment passed, which had the effect of shortening the timeframe in which member states can reject future amendments to the IHR and shortened the timeframe in which future amendments to the IHR come into force.

While the withdrawal of most of those proposed amendments was good news, the WHO is continuing to work towards further amendments to the IHR with a clear prerogative to grant the WHO greater, more broad and unnecessary powers in the event of a global emergency (which they will be able to define).

This is the same WHO that cleared China of any wrongdoing early in the pandemic and has consistently called for the harshest measures to combat COVID-19 including lockdowns, vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and so on.

The further proposed amendments to the IHR could allow for the fast-tracking of vaccines and other pharmaceutical products in the event of another global emergency, so that pharmaceutical products will be developed, deployed, and possibly mandated even more quickly.

Those proposed amendments, which are still to be debated, are available on the WHO's website at the link below:- 

We must fight back against anything which expedites further amendments to the IHR of this nature.

For that reason Alex wants to share with you an e-petition on the Australian Parliament e-petition system which asks the House of Representatives to vote to reject the US amendment referred to above, which seeks to expedite further amendments and was adopted by the World Health Assembly, the WHO's decision making body, in May 2022.

It is a formal Parliamentary petition which you might consider signing at this link e-petitions – Parliament of Australia (

Here also is a link to Dr Phillip Altman’s Substack where he highlights his grave concerns as to what the WHO are trying to achieve with the still proposed amendments to IHR and a great interview with Dr John Campbell and James Roguski on the same issue We need to keep spreading the word about the WHO and their grandiose tyrannical plans….because our leader are asleep at the wheel but can withdraw us from the WHO with one simple decision

The Cape Byron Lighthouse declaration

Join in in demanding an end to censorship and the persecution of health professionals who question government policy

THE CAPE BYRON LIGHTHOUSE DECLARATION was written to raise awareness about the vast numbers of health professionals who have been censored when attempting to raise awareness of significant harms caused by government Covid-19 policies. It’s time for all voices to be heard.

These harms included lockdowns, suppression of early treatment and coercion through mask and vaccine mandates. Our position is that these various policy missteps have resulted in unnecessary harm to, and the death of millions of people around the globe. The suspension and ‘disciplining’ of a small number of clinicians, including the authors of this declaration, resulted in a chilling effect: all health professionals who similarly took issue with government policy, were terrorised into silence.

We are reaching out to the multitude of health practitioners and citizens, around the world who understand the critical importance of free speech in formulating rational evidence-based and compassionate policy.

We are speaking directly to those who have been impacted by the government’s intimidation tactics – especially the small handful of practitioners who have taken the brunt of the persecution. We are speaking to all those who are asking…

Where to from here? The answer is simple. When we ALL stand up, it’s over. Support our cause with your signature


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