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Freedom of Truth news 17/6/24

Excellent presentation from Dr Judy Wilyman last Sunday at Potoroo with a great turnout of people..

Those who braved the cool weather on Sunday were blessed with enough sun to keep us all warm and enough protection from the ravaging south-west wind on the day to receive a great address and then finish with a great banquet provided by the crew at Potoroo.

Dr Judy Wilyman certainly lived up to her reputation as perhaps Australia’s most well-versed researcher into vaccines and Government policies in relation to their implementation.

Judy’s address like her accredited and published PHD thesis delved into the areas of are they needed ? are they genuinely effective ? are they harmful ? how are they tested before approval ? how is it the vaccine companies have indemnity from any liability if they harm anyone ?...and what has happened to the big pharma industry since that indemnity was granted ? and at what cost to the health of the public ?..

Judy’s research reveals a very murky corrupt system of huge money making opportunity driven by pharmaceutical and globalist interests and a government system bought and sold by the same interests.. complicit to it all... all at the cost of human health... Judy has been singing from the rafters for many years and it is only now after Covid that things are really starting to shift.

Judy believes nearly half the population are now seriously questioning this vaccine mania that has engulfed our modern world plus the push for centralising of health to a one size fits all global system controlled by the WHO that both sides of our government are supporting...

Judy says we need to push hard in exposing the truth of what is really going on as our freedoms including freedom of bodily autonomy and freedom speech are being quickly removed. (Which we all know) But given the ground swell that is continually growing we are making headway.

So for those who were unable to attend here is a link to and interview Judy did on a radio station last year which is quite similar to her presentation of last Sunday:

And also go onto her website and get a myriad of information including many interviews Judy has done including with the likes of RFK Jnr and Delores Cahill and Children Health Defence

It is a real honour to have Judy living in our midst.. and she plans on doing an address in Nowra for the Shoalhaven Connects Group on the 26th this month, attached is the flyer for that gig for all those northern allies who didn’t make it down, even though there was a strong contingent who did come down which was greatly appreciated.

Judy’s website

Freedom of Truth news updates

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Freedom of Truth Website

Fast becoming a one stop platform!

For all your non mainstream needs in the way of providing information relating to what’s happening in the globalist corporatocracy sphere ie globalist agenda info, what controls and removal of freedoms and rights are being strived for.. It is in everyones interests to keep somewhat abreast of what’s really going down because as we all know the mainstream media and governments are owned and controlled by globalist interests. (No truth there)

Alternate media is now the new go too source for truth...and the Legacy/Dinosaur media is just about dead and buried..

So we are maintaining a platform of good alternate news & media options available on the website . It has been mooted that the main social media sites are soon to require Digital ID to access so good if we can develop & source alternate platforms it is in our interests.

Plus the website has a forum platform where people can post information and or comment and respond and as mentioned last week we have our directory section which has a growing input of where to source the very best of healthy produce be it locally grown, organic or just non chemical. (What we call real food)

Also coming soon - meat suppliers and farmers online, who guarantee quality meat cut packed and delivered, again either organic, unvaccinated or grass fed and no pesticides or antibiotics etc.. You need to read the detail of each supplier and check delivery options.

Plus our Health and Wellbeing section for all alternate non allopathic health practitioners and healers to promote their wears ...the go to option to get away from the Rockefeller system.

If you think your product or service would like a place in the new directory sections, please contact us.

Mick & Laura from Wolumla who gave us the use of a wonderful garden plot

We didn’t take advantage of it, but it was a growing experience for those who did get involved and an awakening experience also to the fact gardens don’t grow on their own and they take a coordinated effort which unfortunately we didn’t follow through with...

Mick & Laura after a good few years of having a fantastic productive farm are now moving on and have a lot of excellent farm, growing equipment for sale of which I have attached some photos below, they have an amazing setup with their growing tunnel(s) plus aquaculture micro greens growing beds, lots of general farm equipment, tractors, rotary hoes, slashers etc water containers ... you name it they’ve probably got it, so feel free to contact Mick if you are interested in any of the gear on 0419 499 952


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