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Freedom of Truth news 30/5/24

Despite a global uprise from many millions of people..

They’re not giving up...

It has been an incredible concerted effort from many, many groups, political party’s and individuals from all over the world to shine the light on the WHO’s proposed power grab.. Over the past days the World Health Assembly (WHA), which consists of ministers and public servants of the 194 member countries met to discuss the two pandemic treaty reforms, which failed to reach agreement in time before the Assembly met this week.

Despite the failure to reach agreement on the final terms, including with sufficient time for member countries to consider before voting, a new drafting group has been charged with continuing to work on:

1. finalising the package of amendments to the IHR (2005);

2. agree the timing, format and process to conclude the pandemic agreement, during the rest of the World Health Assembly, which ends on 1 June.

Purportedly as a representative of Australia, Minister for Health, the Hon Mark Butler’s statements seem to be solely focused on the risk that pandemics are regular occurrences, which lacks any proportionality based on reality.Mark Butler appears to be acting under a remit that does not have the support or comprehension of the Australian public.

It is clear that Australia’s leadership is fully committed to moving forward with these binding reforms at the fastest pace possible, this a true indication of the separation between the politicians and the real world, thanks to mainstream media and compromised bureaucracy our polies are kept in the dark and fed BS.. dumb, dumb & dumber

It is not 100% clear but quite obvious why Australia is bending over backwards to make things happen at such a rate, without stopping to consider and reflect and make findings on what actually worked and what can be improved upon following the last pandemic.For a comprehensive commentary on Australia's part in the current staus quo in Geneva, and to listen to Mr Butler's address to the World health Assembly last night, click here.

Dr Judy Wilyman’s Potoroo presentation

Just reminding everyone of Dr Judy Wilyman’s presentation which is coming up on Sunday 16th June, so pencil it in your diary’s as a not to miss opportunity.

Judy has dedicated much of her life to learning and discovering the misnomers, lies and deception that surround the vaccine industry which is and has had a huge impact on public health over the years. Her presentation will start at 11 am as usual and we will also have opportunity for others to have a rap on any issues they wish before winding the discussions up around 1pm for lunch at the Café and out the front in the sun..

Forest of the Fallen

Will be on at Ford park Merimbula over the long weekend on Saturday 8th June opposite Cranky’s Café between 8am -2pm for those who would like to give Jody a hand for an hour or so Jody will very much appreciate it

Dear Covid Terms of Reference Signatories

I have a message from the co-creator of the Terms of Reference for a Covid-19 Royal Commission, Julian Gillespie, about a new and urgent campaign aimed squarely at Covid Judicial Misconduct – the campaign.

Firstly, thank you for coming together with us for The People's Terms of Reference, which directly influenced the Report returned by the Senate Legal & Constitutional Affairs Committee for a Covid-19 Royal Commission. Your 48,000+ Co-Signatures got the attention of all Federal Senators and MPs.

Let's do that again on another matter of Covid corruption!

AMPS, together with the member organisations of the Aligned Council of Australia, are strongly urging all Australians to take action by spending 10 minutes to inform their Commonwealth MP and Senators of their concerns about the misconduct of Justice Helen Rofe, in the all important Australian GMO proceedings against Pfizer and Moderna.

Why We're Doing This

Because Australia and Australians can no longer afford to tolerate misbehaving Covid judges – especially one that worked for Pfizer previously, did not disclose this fact in the GMO proceedings, and then went on to try and decide the case in favour of Pfizer. This type of arrogant behaviour cannot stand and is insulting to all Australians.

Learn more by visiting the website. It has been created to help you contact your MP and Senators to demand that they perform their Constitutional duty and investigate Helen Rofe pursuant to Section 72(ii) of the Constitution.

Please visit the website today, take action and consider sharing with your friends. Thank you... the teams at AMPS & Aligned Council of Australia.

Have a Chat with your Representatives in Batemans Bay

Please see the PDF below for more information

Community Tea (Batemans Bay)

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price & The Hon Andrew Constance

A Federal fundraising event for the Gilmore Campaign

Batemans Bay Community tea with Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and Andrew C_2 Jun 2024
Download • 663KB

And don’t forget this Saturday we have the Bega Food Share happening at Kisses lagoon get along and suss it out..


Freedom of Truth News 30th May 24
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