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Freedom of Truth news 9/6/24

Freedom of Truth website improvements and possible development of a broader community service website

We held a committee meeting last Wednesday and attempted to flesh out “where do we go from here?” Two things that came out of it was a desire to reinvigorate our.. website and to consider and investigate developing a separate produce & service website for the region.

It seems very logical to utilise and improve our existing website so we can display and promote where people can source quality supplies like organic fruit & veg suppliers, be it the local wholefood shops or grocer who supplies local and organic produce or local growers willing to supply direct or online or local and distant meat suppliers who can guarantee quality uncontaminated meat. Plus Honest to Goodness where people can buy organic or quality non- perishable foods and supplies online... We want to establish a platform of alternate options for everyone who are looking to the future of the Better Reset, eating real food rather than inferior mainstream crap.

Plus.. expanding our Health and Wellbeing section on the site further promoting more local alternate non-mainstream allopathic, practitioners, healers, treatments and suppliers.

This will provide a go to section for all natural health providers to showcase their wares and for enthusiasts to easily source many local options available.

We are also thinking of promoting trades and services available to us all by providers who are not going to discriminate against people who have or choose not to every be jabbed. A list of suppliers who say they will support us under all circumstances.

Symony Douglas is enthusiastic to establish an alternate home schooling platform on the website which will be fantastic as we already have established woman who have experience on the board, having already gone down that path, happy to pass on their knowledge to those who also want to get their kids home schooled.

These things may make up the basis of a new regional service and supply website, but in the interim we are going to improve our current website which our web guru is witling away at as we speak... it will become a very user-friendly tool a one stop site that offers a lot.

Have a look at the site and you will see its great potential and you can refer it to people who just want to an alternate range of options rather than establishment crap and control.

Potoroo next Sunday with Judy Wilyman

As has been mentioned many times we are hosting Judy who is one of Australia’s most knowledgeable people on all vaccines... In Judy’s words “It is incredible to consider that around 50% of children between the ages of 0-14 yrs old now have a chronic illness ??”

“I have been studying the vaccination topic both formally and informally since 1993 when I vaccinated my first child. Like most people questioning vaccines, I have not come from an anti-vaccination position and the debate is not about pro- or anti-vaccination. It is about the safety, efficacy and necessity for each vaccine on the schedule. Are they all safe? And are they all effective and necessary?

“In 2015 I completed a PhD at the University of Wollongong answering these questions. My thesis is titled ‘A critical analysis of the Australian Government’s rationale for its vaccination policy.’ In Chapter 7 I present a discussion of the claims made by the government about the safety and efficacy of vaccines that are not supported by scientific evidence.”

Her PhD includes an examination of the science ?? in the government’s vaccination policy and a critique of the influences in the decision to use an increasing number of vaccines in children. Everything seems to have snow balled since the time Judy started her research with a huge increase in vaccines and dosages and major coercion from the government for people to comply.

Judy’s thesis drew the ire of the authorities including the Government and Medical fraternity as it highlighted what is really going on, shining a light on the correlation of mass increase in many chronic illnesses to children that were not there before the increase in vaccines & dosages occurred globally over the preceding years and also showing evidence the vaccines were not effective in providing the protection from the illnesses they were meant

to be for, plus the other spin off of an increase of other health issues. The thesis exposed a myriad of major flaws such as the negligence in not undertaking thorough trials & testing of vaccines. Rushing them to market without long-term study’s.

So we are blessed to have such a knowledgeable up front deliverer of truth in our there or miss out. 11 am start for Judy at Potoroo this coming Sunday bring a chair or a blanket to sit on...

Forest of the Fallen, fell by the wayside yesterday because of all the rain we’d had and what was Ford Park . So Jody is not missing the opportunity to get as many of the long weekend folk to engage with it as possible , she will be doing it at Ford Park tomorrow from 8am so please get over and show her some support..

4 Day Harmonic Leadership Workshop is on next week

So book now ! ... Being held in Narooma running from Wednesday 19th through to Saturday 22nd it is all about engaging and empowering people to have the skill and confidence to develop functioning viable community’s Day 1 “ Me as a Leader” Day 2 “Unifying our team” Day 3 “Amplifying our effort” Day 4 “ Build your community” register now:


It is suggested everyone should join this group they as have over 1.73 million people so far supporting and growing everyday so get onboard, strength in numbers to give us clout.

The Aligned Council of Australia (ACA) is a diverse group of over 37 Australian organisations with over a million members that’s growing every day. ACA began in February 2024 following a large number of the groups coming together to call for full analysis and accountability of the public health response since 2020.

Today, we live in a very different Australia to the one we knew in 2019. The education of our children is becoming more and more complicated, our medical system is at breaking point, and cost of living concerns now impact most Australians.

The ACA is an initiative of aligned every day Australians including lawyers, doctors, accountants, professors, emergency services personnel, community leaders, business owners, and individuals to bring awareness to deeply concerning proposals being put forward by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the name of the next ‘pandemic’.


Our Vision

Our vision is to remain sovereign in every respect: from our individual sovereignty to the sovereign nation of Australia.

To retain and promote freedom of choice and freedom of speech.

To stand together to ensure the WHO pandemic treaties are rejected for the good of Australia and Australians.

To empower every Australian with accurate information, unite communities and the desire to make Australia great again.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring awareness to the WHO pandemic treaties so that Australians reject them. We will do this by:

• Informing Australians

• Educating our politicians

• Making this an election issue

Bird(shit)flu is all the buzz...coming to get you on the nearest surface or in your next breath, Spin machine is hard at it prepping up... Get ready !

PDF Version of News to print and share:

Freedom of Truth news 9th June 24
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