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Miracles of MMS

MMS ---Mirade Mineral Solution

Further to our last media release (yesterday) which highlighted this amazing (suppressed) cure for just about everything....We are sending out again the attachments that reveal so much about the incredible benefits of chlorine dioxide for everyone's health ....there are protocols that need to be followed to gain maximum benefit...please go over this information thoroughly so you best know how to use it...this is a must have in everybody's cupboard

Before using MMS first watch the video’s below to get a really good understanding of what MMS is what it can do and most importantly how to follow the protocols for maximum success. MMS is an amazing tool for people who wish to take their health into their own hands and heal themselves so it is well worth taking the time to learn everything you can before getting started to achieve the best outcomes.

The Universal Antidote – History uses, testimonials and why it has been suppressed.

Chlorine Dioxide ( MMS and CDS)
Download PDF • 182KB

Download PDF • 10.41MB

Andreas Ludwig Kalcker -CDS Forbidden Health
Download PDF • 4.46MB


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