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The Great Awakening Continues

On the weekend just past we managed in amongst the geo engineered weather to get the garden covered at Millingandi and we also got some mulching and weeding done at Candelo/Wolumla....Mick and Laura have made it quite clear that for those who are growing they are more than welcome to come along any day to tend the garden and the same said by Vanesa at Millingandi ....Both gardens are growing well as are the gardens at Buckajo and Numbugga from all reports. The garden at Mick & Laura's needs more mulching so don't be shy feel free to get out there and contribute some of your time even if you have not personally planted anything yourself you will be part of the reward, help and involvement is encouraged....we've been using Sugar Cane mulch which goes along way and is quite inexpensive, bring a bag out if you are going head out...Jenny and Diana and Mick have been working on the gardens each Wednesday for those who are interested and they were going to be heading there tomorrow but given the rain that may not be happening...if you want to get involved please contact either one of them or return email me and i shall give you their contact details.

Potoroo this coming Sunday 30th

As reported previously we are having a health specialist from Sydney coming down to address us, they have performed some extremely successful treatments for a range of significant illnesses including vaccine injuries...she specialises in a combination of differing techniques/treatments and protocols so don't miss this great opportunity to meet and hear first hand of the many successes in treating all sorts of ailments which which confront people today. She will be addressing the group first up starting soon after 11am we will be having lunch afterward and allowing time for people to engage and ask questions.

Sourcing meat & dairy into the future

As people are aware the government as part of carrying out their globalist masters agenda are making steps toward vaccinating live stock with MRNA vaccines...the process being publicly mooted is to make a call on it by August next year here in NSW....So we are looking at alternative sources from potentially contaminated mainstream supplies...We are going to investigate bringing up our own beasts for slaughtering and sourcing uncontaminated dairy produce as if anyone has any knowledge or experience in this regard and can offer some help please let us know..

Public movie showings

We are discussing holding public showings of a couple of very good documentary's, one being MONOPOLY and another being THE PLAN these Movies are very well done and perfect for informing those who are wanting to get an understanding of what is going on in our crazy world, they have the potential to ignite significant awakening...We are considering hiring town halls in a few locations and advertising with flyers on notice boards & on power media notice boards & possibly even in the local papers to those who are starting to question what has been and is unfolding in our lives.

What the the cretins have in store for us...but not necessarily what will happen if enough people resist and stand up

Here is an excellent take on the so called independent study recently done to look at the impacts of Covid 19 on the lives of ordinary people and the way the government and medical authorities handled it and what things need to be put in place in preparation of the next you will soon realise the study is far from independent but does give a good insight into their overall future plans which most of you could see with the writing on the wall.... the report is called Fault Lines...

Stop World Control (

MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World? – “Best Documentary Ever!”

"This is the shot that needs to be heard around the world!" - “Should be required viewing by all humans on earth.” - “Brilliant!"

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