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Sunday's gardening and other activities...

Gardening out at Mick & Laura's place tomorrow is from 11am onward weather or not (unless it is to wet)...we need a bit of fertiliser (ie: Seasol or similar some Sugar Cane mulch or similar

We need to pull a few weeds and give a bit of a fertise and mulch up the beds..

Beforehand though for those involved with the garden at Vanesa's in Millingandi we are heading there to do similar, plus install some netting that we have been gifted by a thoughtful group member this will be about 9am ish (Ness wakey wakey)

And for those who don't make it and if say it is raining steadily ...there is the option of going down to the Merimbula Club Sapphire Bowlo "Farm On The Green" head around the back and up onto the number one grass green where the community group grow an abundance of chemical free produce (pictured above) this is available to be bought every Sunday between 9;30 to 11 at the latest but for the best pick get there early...all money's go back into running the garden

Below is a link to a fantastic website and 10 Steps to prevent the New World Order – Practical guide for everyone...Click on it and investigate because it has a lot to offer..

Lastly for those who like a bit of good music there is Ree Liddell and her partner's band ChangoTree playing at the Tilba pub tomorrow arvo from 4-7pm ....ChangoTree are a great band well worth a listen...These guys are awake and Ree is a member of our group

Enjoy the Geo Engineering!

Stop World Control (

10 Steps to stop the New World Order – Practical guide for everyone

We can all do something, to help prevent the New World Order from being successful. This practical guide will help you.


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