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The Better Reset

Here we are prepping ourselves for the "good reset"...because we're certainly not interested in the other one being bleated by the globalists point waiting for someone to save us better get our fingers out and do it ourselves..

Consider all those people who have been coerced into getting vaccinated to keep their jobs etc, then to find they don't feel the same after having had the jab...and returning to the doctors only to be fobbed off and told they're " imagining it" or "don't worry you'll come good"...away they go away feeling conned, damaged, abandoned and ignored with nowhere to go...

Rian and Lee, both qualified Naturopath's feel that offering a message of hope (as hope is the biggest healer of all) and we all know there are other options of treatment available and other ways to seek healthcare that can be of great benefit to those suffering... in offering hope it may well help people to 'come out' as such, helping to overcome any shame/regret/concern they may have about choices they've made which could be clouding their ability to see the Bigger Picture.

Lee and Rian are working on a resources and info pack with a view to gently converse with people that may be concerned about their health, direct them to trusted and reliable sources, that also offer messages of hope rather than doom and gloom. We will trial this out at local markets when the girls are prepped and ready and see where it goes from there.

There may also be businesses around the Valley that would put these resources in their waiting rooms, front counters, window fronts etc. Any ideas, suggestions and support around this initiative is very welcome.

Candelo Market this weekend Speaking of the markets we will be doing the Candelo Market this coming Sunday as we did last month putting our focus on the Great reset and Globalist agenda so we are wanting attendees please..

Small scale street activism

We are also looking to do some small scale street activism along the lines of what Henna Maria is doing in this short video Henna has an incredible open warm way about her, ideal for engaging with the public, she and her group are putting the focus on the globalist agenda....posing questions to the public about agenda 2030 the WEF, micro chipping, brain implants, transhumanism, social credit systems, digital currency's, 24/7 surveillance, facial recognition, socialism/communism watch her video and get a handle on their methods...non confronting.. welcoming and respectful to those who are in the dark...definitely a good way to go...we are looking for interested people to do similar small street activism in each of the major towns in our shires probably Saturday mornings or mid week if it better suits people...we will need to be able to back up our mantra with evidence so we will need to prepare documents with links etc to handout ...We are wanting/planning to repurpose some of our placards with some good questions...and would love for you to put forth some suggestions.. we're looking for some crackers please... return email us with your suggestions.

Construction of covered garden tunnel

We have also decided we're going to take up Laura & Micks great offer to assemble a 30 metre covered tunnel for growing produce, Mick has actually offered two of them so we may assemble both but certainly we will be looking for some able bodied keen tunnel assemblers to come along and put it together...we are not sure when but.. once we've worked out with Mick and Laura as to when it suits them we'll get it done. We will need to establish a roster of people to go and maintain, water and weed etc ..... given the size we should be able to grow significant amounts..

Food produce and clothing etc exchange Food & produce and clothing etc swapping /trading exchange to be held in October at Jiguma beach Pambula...Kaye is organising this it will be an opportunity for people to trade/swap or just give away produce and items to those in need. .we may well engage in an alternate currency or trading scheme like the Let's trading system or another scheme such as as we move into the future ...we are looking at options

Websites Moving forward, we encourage everyone to engage with both the & the websites.

The Freedom of Truth site will be where our media releases and group info will go

Opal village site is for our network of establishing the "Good Reset" community system....we are encouraging everyone to get onto these sites and start using them because particularly with Opal village- it has trade directories, social contact trees, health support, education and food production which are all key elements of the Permarescue principles, the basis for creating a proper parallel network of living and support, they are all there for us to build upon...

Permarescue Paul Nimbahly is holding a two day full Permarescue workshop with dates and location to be announced bookings contact Paul 0447 498 499 email minimum 10 people required

Self empowerment workshop

Abi, is looking to hold a worksop with interested people on self empowerment based on Tom Barnett's knowledge and principles...Abi spoke about it at our Potoroo gig on Sunday and is looking for interest, so please return contact me or direct message Abi

Telegram pages

We are planning to establish a couple more Freedom of Truth Telegram pages one for "food production" and one for "health & welbeing"...stay tuned for more info

Potoroo last weekend was excellent as always with a great turnout again and a beautiful sunny day...the vibes were high...lots of good discussion...onward and upward we head!

A final comment - the dark forces want us afraid, distracted and diverted. By constantly generating messages and stories of fear (and who knows how much of it is actually true) they are trying to infect our brains with a mind virus. All that crap is just offers, like their medicines, jabs and poisoned water and food. The more we reject their offers and divert our energy and focus away from their fear and crap and direct our energy and focus on WHAT WE WANT the more their systems crumbles. They will not have our energy too! They can sure have our LOVE & LIGHT!

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